Gabriel messing around while I work in bed (photo)

This is a slightly modified photograph of Gabriel messing around next to me while I was working in bed. I say “modified” because it is a colour photograph which I’ve turned into a black-and-white one or one which is very nearly black-and-white.

Gabriel has recently learned to come into the bedroom and play on the bed and be around me while I work in the early hours of the morning. It took about a week for him to come into the bedroom and recognise the fact that I go there to sleep. He originally confined himself to the living room and the second bedroom where his litter tray is.

He seems to associate certain locations with me and therefore as safe locations. It takes him a little while to learn it. It is rather strange that at the moment he is more fearful of me when I walk into the second bedroom where his litter tray and cat tree are because that is where I first interacted with him. Although when I walk into any room I give him forewarning by talking to him to announce my arrival and I walk very slowly.

Quick movements of any kind still spook him. Everything has to be done smoothly or slowly. He’s still getting used to the environment and me. Gradually he is expanding his knowledge of the place. He is also expanding his interpretations of what I do and where I am in the apartment.

Although he is much improved from when he arrived in terms of domestication, as can be seen by the photographs, in truth there still a long way to go before you could say he’s fully domesticated and suitable for adoption.

That said, at present, there is very little likelihood that he will be adopted because I’ll be doing it myself 😉 . As expected, I have become very connected to him so much so that I can foresee that at the end of the three months that it might take for Gabriel to become fully domesticated through socialisation, I will be firmly connected to him and at that time highly unlikely to give him up to an adopter.

This is why I have informed the shelter organization of my feelings at this early stage.

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11 thoughts on “Gabriel messing around while I work in bed (photo)”

  1. Oh Michael its that bonding you have with him isn’t it? that feeling that know one could possibly know him or love him as you do which is quite true in a way because you have coaxed him and been with him through his most frightened times

  2. No, no, no. I think her significant other gave her ‘the look’ and she quickly, yet sadly, changed her mind. She really wanted to take the kitten… someone else off camera didn’t want it.

  3. We had a kitty rescue story on the local news this morning. A woman heard a kitten meowing from her engine compartment as she prepared to go to work. Upon investigating further, she found the kitten trapped. She tried two rescue agency who were not open yet, so finally she emailed the photo to Fox 10 News. The reporter who was assigned to go investigate the story lived just down the street from the woman. She called her boyfriend and he came and rescued the kitten. The camera crew didn’t arrive until the newly named ‘Foxy’ was rescued, but they did show the torn apart engine and the very happy, purring tuxie cuddling with her new owner? Yep, the lady said she had falling in love with Foxy and was keeping her. Someone off camera must of objected because she said, “Alright, if anyone wants her she’s available for adoption.” Too bad, the woman was enamoured. Sound familiar Michael?

    1. It is a great cat story. So the lady who owned the car at first said she wanted to adopt the cat and then soon changed her mind. The ending is not quite as good as the middle bit 😉

      No big deal. As long as the cat made it to a new loving home. Thanks for posting Dan.

  4. God bless. . . Michael, I could never be a foster. . .I would want to keep them all!! I know my limit — and that is 12 — which I currently have (all adopted/rescued). . . LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my “kids”!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. I still have to make slow movements around Renny. Right now he’s on my side in the bed. I have to be careful anytime I get up because he and Lucky both like to snooze under the covers. I don’t want to squish them scooting out of bed. Cold weather gets a cat friendly fairly fast because they like to snuggle to stay warm. Told you he’d be in bed with you in no time. He’s training you well 🙂

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    I feel for all cats being in the power of human beings, it must be so very traumatic, especially to a feral or a semi feral kitten, they have to get used to so much!
    It’s a very frightening world inside a house with giants walking around and I think Gabriel is doing exceptionally well to be adjusting so quickly.
    The Shelter will probably be glad to have him permanently with you taking care of his vaccinations and neutering and the expense of them.

    1. It’s a very frightening world inside a house with giants walking around

      That is exactly what it is like for him. I can tell. I am very sensitive to that and do all I can to mitigate the problem.

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