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Gabriel no different after neutering — 9 Comments

  1. I was just about to say what Michele S mentioned about the fact that he still has his hormones at the moment which will gradually reduce so the behaviour with your arm should eventually stop.

    Interesting to read your article from the viewpoint of someone who has never gone through a neutering before.

    I’ve only ever seen neutered cats become better companions and happier cats. The un-neutered cats I’ve come into contact with appear distracted, un-happy and un-friendly I believe its because of the over-riding desire to look for females; it seems to be their main focus.

    Anyways I’m glad you found your friend and I’m glad Gabriel long tail is thriving 🙂

    • I think Gabriel has been so close to me since he was 6 weeks old that he is not distracted as you say (and I understand what you mean). He has always been content but he gradually wanted to explore beyond the flat so I felt I had to let him outside. But I have allowed this under controlled conditions as best I can.

      • Glad to hear Gabriel’s op went smoothly and he was feeling well enough to sneak outside later that day 😉 It will be interesting to notice whether he loses interest in your arm over the coming weeks, as his testosterone levels drops slightly.

        I’m guessing he was given an injectable anaesthetic if Ketamine used. I’m not surprised Gabriel looked confused. Ketamine’s hallucinogenic properties are what tempt some people to use it as a recreational drug.

  2. Glad Gabriel is doing fine, with no undesirable side effects, and still loving up on your arm. It would be helpful if vets told us about the side effects of medications.

    • Yes, I was shocked at his behaviour when I picked him up. This post was done under unfavourable circumstances. A very close friend has gone missing and it is causing me a lot of distress.

  3. Wish I’d thought to warn you about the swaying back and forth. We’ve dealt with that with every cat. On the 14th I’m having 2 ferals from work neutered and they will stay with us a few days until they get their bearings. I have a friend in rescue who had a botched neutering done by the Greenville shelter so I’m cautious about watching to be sure there are no issues. As for behavior, none of our boys have changed following neutering. We keep ours in a large cage until the anesthetic wears off. And Jasper can open a cage door so we had to use a twist tie to secure it. Cats are clever.

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