Gabriel Portrait. I am becoming boring ;)

Here is a picture taken this morning with an iPhone 4s. Sorry, I am like a mum with her new baby….

Portrait of a feral kitten becoming socialised
Portrait of a feral kitten becoming socialised
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40 thoughts on “Gabriel Portrait. I am becoming boring ;)”

  1. I have used Metacam on a couple of my kids but it was under the order of a feline specialist, whom I trust very much. Do not want to use it over 3 days.

    1. I think of Gabriel Byrne the Irish actor in the Usual Suspects. Good film. Gabriel means “God is my Strength”. Its origins are in Hebrew. Ironic that I am an atheist 😉

      Well perhaps an agnostic.

  2. Elisa, I always give my guys human names (well, except for Hoppy, my manx cat that hops). Joey, Rudy, Marla, Nala, Chrissy, Priscilla….well, most of the time. One of my fosters I had named Hunter, which goes without explanation. He is always hiding behind something, wiggling his behind so all you can see are his eyes. I was going to name him Kilroy, but he usually gets stuck with Joo Joo, like in joo joo eyeballs. Crazy, where some of the names come from.

    1. We didn’t change the names several of our cats were given at the shelter. It helps me when I explain the cats because people remember the shelter names. This is Oozy who was named after an oozing abscess. It just suits him. He was on metacam and antibiotics when we brought him home.

        1. He had his last dose just before leaving the shelter. I think its a drug you have to be careful with. I’m sleep texting now but I wrote for you awhile back about a three pill pain killer given once a day. We’ve used it with every spay and with Jaspers neuter because he took it harder than the other boys. Also Sealy was on a liquid narcotic and handled it well but we did choose to wean him off bit by bit. Shelters may use metacam because they always have or it could be preferred drug of shelter vet.

  3. That’s ok Michael. You should be at adoptions when you ask a cat lover about ONE of their cats. Before it is over, my eyes are almost rolling in the back of my head. They usually give a comprehensive bio of every cat they have ever owned. It is quite funny at times.

    1. And it REALLY confuses people when your cats have HUMAN names. We have Lola, Cassie, Henry, Sheela, Shirley, Mandy, Sammy and people. Just shake their head at me these days.

  4. Bruce in North Dakota

    Oh, dear gawwwwd…

    …don’t let it be true.

    Michael, as a true “Cat Whisperer” please understand that I know what the look in that lovely little kitties eyes really means:

    He is thinking of clawing your eyes out when you sleep.

    Michael: be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. You haven’t been a new dad with a young child in a long time:)

    Here’s the first one I ever took of our feral Renny. It was hard taking his pic without looking him in the eye. Pretending not to see a new cat can speed up the process.

      1. He still likes quiet and lives in my room. He let’s me know when he wants to come out into the living room and we have to put Sammy and Jasper in my room. They’re all brats when put together. Renny knows his name and comes when I call him.

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Oh yes you are just like a mum (well a dad) with a new baby thinking everyone should love him too lol Only we DO love your new baby, personally I can’t get enough of him, so keep on posting photos and telling us all about him 😉
    I wonder how many times I’ve posted photos of our boyz lol just like you every chance I get!
    You might start a trend of us all posting our cats as babies 😉

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