Gabriel “Reads” The Newspaper

He’s grown. No surprise. Especially with the quality of the food he is getting 😉 . Perhaps he’ll become a fussy eater? I can’t not give him the best. The lady who runs the rescue organisation who arranged for me to foster Gabriel says his siblings (2) are smaller than Gabriel. That made me feel good.

Gabriel likes little holes and caves to explore and lie in. He likes to be under the duvet next to me. It is warm I guess which is good in England in winter. He can stay there for longer than I can tolerate it. For a long time he slept under the bed. The bed has a storage area under it and the whole thing rises up on a pneumatic piston device. He used to crawl through a hole to get to the storage area. He is too large for the hole so for his safety I blocked it up. He now sleeps on top of the chest of drawers.

He likes to be picked up now and cuddled. He likes the warmth and he thinks it is a good chance to play; meaning he nibbles my arm.

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29 thoughts on “Gabriel “Reads” The Newspaper”

      • You are so funny.
        You’ve never had a child, I suspect.
        But, you have one now and must child-proof your home.
        Don’t think that you can “teach” a damn thing. Until Gabrielle grows into maturity, you will need to put all breakables in a safe place, hide or remove all tempting items like cords, close off the bathroom if there are items like deodorant, razors, etc. in there, clear all counters unless you want him to clear them for you. Everything is a toy.
        Someday, down the road, you’ll be able to put back the picture frames, potpourri pots, and sugar bowl. For now, you have nothing.
        May god, allah, buddah, whoever bless you.

        • You are spot on Dee. I have never had a kid. I wish I had. I am watchful as to what he can break. He is a bit of a destroyer.

          I always though leather sofas were improved by a few cat scratches. They look more lived in 😉 .

      • My sister found a photo of all our cats! From Friskie (male calico/tabby mix), who died when I was only a few years old, Fluffy (Manx mix), her son Tippy (a Siamese), 21 — named for the day of the man the man found her on (female tuxie we cat-sat for several months), her kittens 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and my Maine Coon Nicodemus! I also have me and my dog Ribsy and me and my kitten Blackie. Amazing that mom saved all those amazing photos. Some are not very good, others I need to edit out my sibling’s faces. So excited!

    • Good point Nancy. I was talking to the rescue organisation who organised my cat fostering and they say siblings are deliberately split up. I am not sure that is a good idea on all occasions. I suggested that Gabriel might have been fostered with his sister but she poo pooed the idea.

      I don’t think I can have two cats in the home where I now live but if I moved to a house in the country I’d almost certainly adopt a cat companion for Gabriel but it would have to be done very carefully because as we know not all cats get along but the domestic cat has become more sociable.


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