Gabriel under the bed covers (photo)

An slightly ethereal photo of Gabriel under in the bed with me. It is Photoshopped to a certain extent to remove me πŸ˜‰ – I was lying next to him . Also it is converted to B&W and I added a bit of blur to the background areas.

Gabriel likes to join me in bed when I get in. He stays for a while and then jumps off and messes around for a bit before settling down on the chest of drawers on top of my clothes where he sleeps for most of the night.

19 thoughts on “Gabriel under the bed covers (photo)”

  1. Michael, I think we all should talk about microchipping. Um, who actually does it, whether in your country or mine. Who actually it. Because this is who you contact.

    • Because I lost my Michael. He wasn’t my cat. He bonded with me; I with him. He wasn’t my cat. How do I find him? He’s micro-chipped.


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