Gabriel under the bed covers (photo)

An slightly ethereal photo of Gabriel under in the bed with me. It is Photoshopped to a certain extent to remove me ๐Ÿ˜‰ – I was lying next to him . Also it is converted to B&W and I added a bit of blur to the background areas.

Gabriel likes to join me in bed when I get in. He stays for a while and then jumps off and messes around for a bit before settling down on the chest of drawers on top of my clothes where he sleeps for most of the night.

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19 thoughts on “Gabriel under the bed covers (photo)”

  1. Michael, I think we all should talk about microchipping. Um, who actually does it, whether in your country or mine. Who actually it. Because this is who you contact.

    1. Because I lost my Michael. He wasn’t my cat. He bonded with me; I with him. He wasn’t my cat. How do I find him? He’s micro-chipped.

  2. Ruthie, what is he doing? I don’t understand. How are you? I have missed you so much. I didn’t know. Let’s show your cats? I miss them.


  4. It is heart touching, really really lovely and graceful. I love when any one share their pets, specially you Michael my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ when you share Gabriel and your photo. Real photos are much attractive than others photo shopped or altered in any tiny way. Why did you remove your image in it, maybe it will sound a bit odd for you but you don’t know that your fans want to see you there beside him. I always wait for your pic and let everyone know, this is the man who have loved cats for his entire life. There was a time in my youth age when I have avoided to confront the cameras but now I don’t because I miss my past now, there are rare photos of my young age, very rare. My daughters miss my time, by watching photos as there are very much rare of them.

    What can I else say, just request you humbly that please be with Gabriel in photos, let share the photo one with each other of you and the other single Gabriel ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you both as I consider cat and cat lovers as my family members ๐Ÿ™‚ TRUE

    1. I agree with Ahsan, you can still Adobe, but keep yourself under wraps with Gabriel. It is more real. Just found out tonight from actually having a n opportunity to peruse your website, that you had Gabriel before Missie passed. How did I miss this? Please let me know. I may not be the only one. Missie and Shrimpie and All others are in my prayers. ??????????????

  5. Its a great shot Michael I turned the computer round so I could see it the other way and it looks quite different. He is a really handsome cat and that is a really interesting portrayal of him ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. I saved it to my picture file. I love the black and white and the texture of the bed cover and his fur just make it most interesting to look at. I think you should make some prints and sell them.

            1. I think the quality of the image – tonally and detail – gives it something extra. I try and raise the image about the mass of images we see but in as natural a way as possible. I don’t like heavy Photoshopped images as they are too unnatural.

              Thank you for saving it to your picture file.

          2. No. it’s not your best, Michael. My training besides analyst, was in Fine Art, photography specifically. I know as little as you do. But this, I do know: keep it real. Thank You for your website.

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Gabriel is getting even more handsome as he is growing up, he is so ‘well at home’ and happy with you Michael.
    It would be a sad and empty house for you without Charlie if Gabriel hadn’t come along, I hope you have many happy years together.

    1. Ruthie, what is he doing? I don’t understand. How are you? I have missed you so much. I didn’t know. Let’s show your cats? I miss them.

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        Hello Caroline, sadly we had to say goodbye to Jozef and Walter, they were old and ill, although thanks to our wonderful vet, Walter had 3 more happy years after he was diagnosed with diabetes, despite those who said UK vets don’t know how to treat it! It’s a tragedy that cats lives are so short in comparison to ours. I haven’t written for PoC for a long time now and don’t visit much as I am so busy with the anti declaw quest. We are making progress with some vets giving up and some cities banning declawing but we have a long long way to go yet. If you are on facebook our group is The International Coalition Against Declawing. I hope you are well, I miss the old days here too x

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