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Galaxy goes to Portland to act as Lux’s advocate and find out what’s wrong — 28 Comments

  1. Yea i just hope so much that someone good will look after that cat. It worries me that that cat is going back into that enviroment

    • The solution, for me, is quite simple: real home this cat with people who understand cats. Any one of us, if we were available, would resolve this problem! There is still hype about this cat and you could argue in fact that Jackson Galaxy himself is hyping up the story by being involved but that said I believe that his involvement is good.

      • It wouldn’t surprise me if that was their intent all along. They seem devious to me, and what jumped into my head within seconds of reading the first article here on pictures-of-cats.org was that they wanted publicity from Mr. Galaxy’s team. But it didn’t warrant a comment on my part, because I knew that soon they would have publicity and that the catworld would reach out to our favorite Hollywood feline advocate. I have not been worried, since I saw the hits on google that first day it appeared on PoC. With what this poor creature has endured, and the attention that it has garnered, he will have a good home, 98% guaranteed.

        That is why my respect for Jackson is solid. I would like to see his more troubling moments though, I’d hate to go on through life thinking that he is infallible. 😉

            • You maybe don’t understand me, Michael, but I know that he is, and isn’t. Unlike you. We know this about You.

              I/We would not be so attracted to pictures of cats, if it weren’t for you. [I’m in a very low place rightnow, I feel responsible; I am responsible for my Panda’s suffering, being, reaching out for the caretaking that she needed. And, I failed her. I will take that to my grave. Which is quite the “funny” expression, considering that we live, what we experience in this life that we know. Where are our loved ones? In a safer “no-time, no dimensions, no-drama.” A “space” beyond our imagination. A place, from my perspective, where we are pure, and our only “end” is to reach beyond, to help those that need it. those are merely constraints in the Homo sapiens world.

  2. Michael: The people commenting on sites about parenting are unlikely to understand, sufficiently, cat behaviour. However, the people commenting on pet and cat websites are likely to understand parenting and human behaviour and therefore I would suggest that what is stated on pet websites is more reliable.

    Absolutely agree with you, Michael. And, Mr. Galaxy is, I think, the best cat psychotherapist in the…universe! Making a career of it, anyway. 😉

  3. Jackson is not only a cat “whisperer”, he is also a people “whisperer.”.

    While I wholeheartedly agree with most of what you say in this blog, Michael, there is one point in which we disagree to an extent.

    Jackson actually works with both the humans and the cats that are giving the people problems. In many cases the people involved do not only not understand the cats, they don’t understand each other at all. In there frustration over the feline’s “bad” behavior they often blame each other for the problem- try to make the other person wrong- etc.

    The cat doesn’t have the “problem”- it’s the humans that don’t understand their cats (or in many cases each other) leading to extra confusion and stress for everyone concerned.

    I totally agree with Ruth that if Jackson can’t get to the bottom of what is disturbing Lux- no one can! He is the bomb!

  4. Glad Galaxy is on the case and like others I hope Lux doesn’t go back to that family who have already proved them have no idea of cat care. I’m sure there will be a long list of people wanting to adopt Lux after all this publicity so I hope he gets his happy ever after very soon.

  5. I found this on Lux’s website

    Lux the Cat

    23 hours ago.

    [Mike Oswald, director of the Multnomah County Animal Services in Oregon, “Lux is in no danger at all” … “Euthanasia is not on the table,” … “The cat is with us and the family is undecided about what to do. They are deciding if they want to work with a cat behaviorist. If they don’t take him back, he will be put up for adoption.]

    -Joe Mason

  6. Thank goodness!
    I wonder how the family feels about Mr Galaxy’s visit.
    I felt that they didn’t want him in their home.
    So, now he’ll visit Lux in a public place.
    I expect that these “owners” are cringing.

  7. So good to hear this welcome news! I agree with the Cat Daddy. There is a reason behind this. He is the best, if not one of the only, people on earth to help this poor kitty and the family as well. Once everyone understands they may change their story 180 degrees. Thanks Michael.

  8. Thank goodness for Jackson Galaxy, if he can’t sort out this mess then no one can!
    I hope Lux doesn’t go back to his abusive family, I hope he is adopted by someone who truly loves and understands cats

    • Ruth, I certainly feel much more confident now that Lux will survive at least and hopefully he will be placed in a good home. Even if his aggression is due to an illness I still think that he deserves a different home based upon what I have read.

    • Me too I agree – he musn’t be forced back with the same familly – he will just remain unhappy. He’s unhappy. Poor thing.

      Good thing Jackson is around.

  9. God bless!
    As for the stress – it’s easy for a cat to be in stress for several days if he does not find a safe place or the apartment is small – just nowhere to run and feel safe. I went through a situation when a scared cat did not allows us to go out of the room. That was tough! Only determination and love allowed us to calm the situation down and noone git hurt. Later that cat showed himself as a loveliest fur baby. You just need to carry on and think what’s best for each one. Even for hardcore cat lovers like us some situations will require effort and brains.
    Hopefully the kitty will be safe with another family. It’s not only the kitty but also the environment he lives in. xx

    • Thanks Natalie.

      some situations will require effort and brains

      This I think is the key. It does sometimes require a certain amount of intelligence to create an environment for a cat in which he or she behaves in a way that we like. To respond to a cat’s defensive aggression with more aggression (hitting him) is to make matters worse and in the end the human nearly always loses one way or another.

      People should be able to use their intelligence to look after their cat intelligently. Sadly people are sometimes less intelligent than they think they are. This is called arrogance.

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