Gamer hoodie for a cat caregiver

I’m delving into the world of video games; a form of entertainment I know, but have no interest in, except when there is something to do with cats. Video games are big business and there are many people who make a lot of money from it both as manufacturers and players. The video game industry is bigger than Hollywood it is said.

Video gamer hoodie for cat lovers who want the company of their cat when gaming
Video gamer hoodie for cat lovers who want the company of their cat when gaming. Photo: Bauhutte and Unihabitat.
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And among the world’s video gamers there must be some who live with a cat. And this interesting item of clothing, a hoodie, is for these people. It’s a nicely designed hoodie with a large pocket at the front which accommodates your cat. They can snuggle into it, warming themselves from your body, while you crack on with a frenetic video game.

It’s called the Sequel parka. You can do two of your favourite things at the same time: play a video game and snuggle up with your cat. It’s manufactured by Japanese lifestyle brands Bauhutte and Unihabitat who teamed up to bring the world the cat gaming parka. They are manufacturers who specialise in items for gamers and pet owners.

Gamer hoodie for a cat caregiver
Gamer hoodie for a cat caregiver. Photo: Bauhutte and Unihabitat.


The parka is called the Meowgaroo Hoodie 2 (or Nyangaroo Parka 2, if you’re going by its Japanese name). It was improved with customer feedback, apparently. The front pouch where the cat rests is a more defined shape and has an additional cushion. The pouch has a zipper. I’m not quite sure why! Are you going to zip your cat inside it? 😕

It is an interesting garment. Bauhutte conducted a survey of video gamers. They found that a little more than half (51.3%) who lived with a companion animal prefer cats. Only 31.9% were dog owners. This does not surprise me. Cats are more suited to gamers who are glued to their computers. Dogs need walking and entertaining. Mind you, cats need entertaining too.

You can buy it on Amazon for ¥7980 (US$70).

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Comment: I’m not sure about it. For two reasons. Cats like to sit on your lap but I’m not sure that, in general, cats will like to sit in this pocket. There is no doubt that some individual cats will like it. My gut feeling is that it’ll be quite a low percentage of domestic cats who warm to the idea of snuggling up in a pocket like this.

Secondly, I’m not sure that many young people who love video games are that interested in domestic cat companions. The garment is made for a young person judging by the way it’s designed. There is a fun element about it. A youthful element. Perhaps it is meant for the Japanese market. I’m not sure that this item of clothing translates to the European or American market. I’m probably being too negative but that’s my initial assessment.

I’m not even sure it can be bought on Amazon for the European market. Diving into I was unable to find this product which doesn’t surprise me.

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Sorry that the above link is a bit negative but it is a genuine possibility.

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