Garfield the Florida Orange Tabby Update

:::::Tapping microphone::::: Testing!

:::: Clearing throat::::: Ahem! Hello again! Yes, it’s me again.

In case you don’t remember me, my name is Garfield. I am that gorgeous, charming and intelligent orange tabby cat who lives in Orange City, Florida.

Garfield the Florida Orange

I am a two-years-old and sadly, my front paws have already been de-knuckled. Guess who did this to me in spite of one of my guardian’s best human pals begging him not to do it? Instead, my human companion followed his “trusted “ veterinarian’s advice. He conned my guardian into agreeing with him that since I was an indoor-only cat; in order to prevent the furniture from being ruined and my accidentally scratching him, he made my guardian believe that it was safer for me (less anaesthetic), to have the procedure done at the same time I was neutered. Grrrrrrrr!

Obviously this veterinarian was just an insensitive man who didn’t know figs about cats. He simply didn’t inform my guardian about the horrific “side effects” that occur when cats undergo this unnecessary procedure. But I digress.

It’s been several months since I first introduced myself, so please bear with me for a moment while I remind you about my deplorable story.

I was feeling so down and out, insecure and hopeless this past February when my best friend, roommate and trusted guardian’s doctor ordered him to immediately find me a new home. Since my human pal was suffering from a serious obstructive pulmonary condition; at times he could hardly catch his breath. His doctor kept blaming me for aggravating his extremely poor health.

Apparently this doctor, whom my guardian also trusted, (a human who had no idea about the strong loving bond that develops between a cat and his guardian – and the emotional trauma that separating us would inevitably cause), he very reluctantly acquiesced to his advice. And since he wanted me placed in the best of homes, he asked me to write a little bit about myself and to reach to the many cat lovers who visit the PoC website for assistance. And I did – and you all listened and felt my extreme sorrow.

Although my guardian made several attempts on his own to rehome me, I believed his heart wasn’t into it. He didn’t take out ads in the “Penny Saver”, didn’t go to extremes, and although he hoped that someone from this charming cat-loving community would step up to the plate, his intention wasn’t strong enough to get the job done. I knew that in spite of his illness and discomfort, he didn’t want to get rid of me.

But now for a change I have good “mews” for y’all. My guardian has since defied his doctor’s orders. He has decided to keep me, and I now have that permanent loving home he hoped I would find. I can finally a breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my future is safe and secure.

However, I wonder if he will consider having my paws x-rayed! Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Just in case the surgery had been botched we would know it. After all, if they need to be repaired , let’s get on with it! And I hear-tell there’s a local vet who might very well consider doing it!

It’s celebration time! I just had to share this good news with y’all.

What do you think about this breaking mews? Let me know!


Photo Credit: Garfield’s Guardian

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Garfield the Florida Orange Tabby Update — 19 Comments

  1. I’m glad Garf’s human decided to keep him. What he needs is another doctor and another vet. He needs another doctor to treat what’s really wrong with him or give him allergy shots if he thinks it is Garf. He needs another vet who won’t suggest he amputates something else the next time Garf needs a little care.


  2. Jo, if any cats or dogs need a donation article to help with vet bills, please PM me the funding link and a photo on Facebook and I’ll get one done. Over half of my articles now are to raise funds for animals.


  3. Hoping for a clean bill of health and success for you, G! My beloved mom had COPD and used oxygen during the last year or so that she was here with us, but no way would she even dream of breaking the bond with her cherished cat. Of course, those of us “in the know” about such important matters are well aware of the fact that living with and loving cats IMPROVES human health physically and emotionally! Big props to your human for sticking to his “guns” and refusing to cave to the ignorant and insensitive “authorities” he encountered of late. Family is, well, FAMILY! >^^<


  4. I’m thrilled for Garfield.
    I know this is a repeat, but people need to stop having blind faith in professionals. That includes docs, vets, accountants, lawyers, etc.
    People need to educate themselves. Even if they don’t really know what to do, they need to follow their instincts and gut feelings.


  5. I am SO happy that this man has gone against his MD and kept his furry friend. KUDOS to him!! Doctors are always blaming pets for illnesses it seems to me and it’s an abomination to me. ConCATulations to Garfield and I hope that his guardian will change vets and have the radiographs done to see if his feet can be “fixed”. Sadly, but the I had adopted all the declawed cats I did, they were all geriatric and had age related issues like renal disease, heart disease or cancer that precluded them from undergoing anesthesia to repair their feet. Those that could tolerate NSAIDs were given meds. Those that could not were lifted up or down off whatever they wanted to get on or off. We changed litter brands to ones that were gentler on their deformed feet. I just wish folks would educate themselves as most vets choose not educate their clients. 🙁


  6. This is wonderful news!!! I hope the X-Rays are done. Declawing is so unnecessary. Our cats use cardboard for their clawing pleasure. It is easily replaced and easy to clean up. They love their scratching post too and it is made of rope so there is no chance of them deciding that furniture would be clawable too. Sending love to Garfield.


  7. Ruth RIGHT ON!!

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if all vets that declaw x-rayed those poor paws- and get to see the damage they have just done to these kitties! It should be mandatory- UNTIL we get declawing completely ended forever.


  8. Garfield definitely needs his front paws to be x-rayed!
    I make no apology for posting this again because there are hardly any comments on the other article which Michael wrote and I posted it on and it’s VERY important that ALL declawed cats paws are X-rayed, millions are suffering, Garfield is maybe too young right now for the horrible consequences of his mutilating surgery but his future looks bleak if his poor paws aren’t taken care of.
    EVERYONE with a declawed cat and everyone who knows someone with a declawed cat should take notice of this from Paw Project Utah…

    We promised more shocking news from Paw-Project-Utah’s study and here it is!
    Last week we learned that 66% of declaws are botched, leaving fragments behind. We know that these cats are more likely to have infections, nail regrowth, and osteomyelitis and other painful issues as a result of bone fragments being left behind. But what about the 33% with no fragments? Are these cats pain free? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
    The average number of positive pain parameters in our declawed cats were 5 per cat overall.
    The cats with no fragments had an average of 4.9 signs of pain per cat! One cat with no fragments had 11 signs of pain! The highest in our study!
    The cats with the largest number of fragments had a consistently higher than average number of signs of pain per cat, indicating that these fragments are contributing to more overall discomfort for these cats.


    Hard proof that declawing is painful to your cat for the lifetime of that cat.
    Our pain criteria (based on published AAFP and AAHA feline pain standards):

    A. Loss of normal behavior
    Decreased ambulation or activity
    Lethargic attitude
    Decreased appetite
    Decreased grooming

    B. Expression of abnormal behaviors
    Inappropriate elimination
    Decreased interaction with other pets or family members
    Altered facial expression
    Altered posture

    C. Reaction to touch
    Increased body tension or flinching in response to gentle palpation of declawed paws
    Increased body tension or flinching in response to gentle palpation of non declawed paws

    D. Physiologic parameters
    Elevations in heart rate
    Elevations in resp rate
    Elevations of body temperature
    Pupil dilation


    • I am just thinking about the millions of X-rays of paws that need to be done to check whether there are bone shards in them. Perhaps some vets will come forward and see that there is a lot of money to be made. At the same time they could renounce declawing.


      • I hope so Michael! People were happy enough to pay their vet to disable their cat by declawing, I just wonder how many are prepared to pay to find out how much damage the surgery caused? What a pity the vets who caused it won’t be paying to try to alleviate a bit the suffering of the cats they condemned to pain.
        The Paw Project’s findings should be shouted from the rooftops by EVERY cat loving American and a copy sent to EVERY declawing vet and to the AVMA too.
        If I was over there I’d be doing that right now!


  9. Thanks for the wonderful news Jo! It’s certainly a pleasure to open PoC and ready happy stories. This is great news. I hope Garfield enjoys the security and love and comfort he has gotten – I’m sure this outcome is the best of all possible outcomes 🙂


    • Marc,

      And ONE day maybe we will all be singing the good news that declawing is outlawed in the USA and Canada!!

      I can’t wait for that day to arrive.


      • Me too Jo. I’ll be trying to do cartwheels with Ruth. But I never could do them – at least she can do them 🙂



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