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Gastonia, NC man makes Feral Cat Condos for $65 — 7 Comments

  1. It looks like it’s made out of Hardy Board which is very durable. I have a house in my cat run that my cats like to hang out in. It’s made of Hardy Board and insulated with the foam insulation. The door has a pet door where they can come and go as they please. There’s a high self that has a walk up and I bought comfy blankets and pillows. Also, there’s an chair and a bench, cat trees, hidey boxes, and such. They’d rather stay out there than come in. The run itself is pretty large with things to climb on and look out at what’s going on. My husband says when he dies he wants to come back as one of my cats.

    • That sounds glorious, Linda.

      I started thinking about these in the woods again and wondered if they might attract some of our undesirable critters like rattlesnakes or coral snakes.
      Maybe not such a good idea in those remote areas.
      But, I still like them and would love to have a couple for my outdoor cats on my deck. Some of the ones I have need loads of repair or just replacement.

      I don’t really know what Hardy Board is, but I assume it will hold up in winter. In comparison to most of the country, our winters appear to be fairly mild.
      But, I have to wonder how it will hold up to summer temperatures that may reach 100. Maybe it should be tarp covered.

      • The house we made has a metal roof and overhang for shade. The inside ceiling and walls are all insulated. I went to Habitat for Humanity (that has construction recycle) and got 3 rectangular windows so they get light and can look out. The door has a window as well. Hardy Board is very durable, far more life than plywood or regular wood and you don’t have to paint it. It’s hard as plastic and just as dense. I’m in Florida so it withstands the summer temps as well as rain, and cold. It’s an amazing product for building these types of projects. Oh and although they use the yard inside the run as a litter box (which I scoop several times a week), I still put a litter box inside and put indoor outdoor turf carpet on the inside floor so they on go only inside the litter box when inside. It works marvelously and they just love it!

  2. I love these and would, probably, be able to keep them unstolen in 2 of my colonies that are deep in the brushy woods. But, I would need far too many to afford.

    The picture looks like it may accommodate about 4 cats, maybe. I would need at least 8 which would be over $500.

    But, I like the construction and the coloring would blend pretty well into the brush areas and sort of camouflage. I would hope that they are constructed with pressure treated wood. Otherwise, they would disintegrate very fast here.

    I like, too, that it seems to be filled with straw.

  3. Only thing I’d worry about in the U.S. is someone stealing them. I would do my best to get permission to attach it to a building of some sort.

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