Gay Cats!

Gay Cats!

by Michael

There are gay cats! The percentage of gay cats to heterosexual cats is the same as for the human population. Is this a bizarre and crazy concept? Maybe. I don’t know. Why should sexual orientation be confined to the human?

I would just like to discuss and seek input on the well known fact that some cats prefer male human companions and some cats prefer female human companions. We might notice that our cat prefers the wife to the husband. Sometimes we don’t recognise this as a sexual orientation issue.

I have read stories of a women saying that her cat dislikes her boyfriend. It can be serious enough to break up a relationship.

Some cats do show strong preferences for one person in a family. Sometimes a particular cat might even be frightened of say the women and show a fondness for the man (or the other way around). That can be disturbing for the person who is disliked! It can create a point of conflict within the human to human relationship. If that relationship is fragile it can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

I cannot see a cat actively disliking or being frightened of a person in a home if that cat was raised properly and the person behaved properly.

But if the cat is a rescue cat he might have had a nasty experience with his previous “owner”. If that person was say a man, he might be fearful of men. That sounds simplistic and probably is but it must happen.

But I wonder if some cats simply have a preference for a human of a certain sex. Cats look at us as cat parents. If a cat is technically gay he may prefer the husband or boyfriend!

Crazy thoughts..maybe not.


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Gay Cats!

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Dec 23, 2011
In agreement
by: Leah

I’m in agreement with Barbara and Ruth in that cats are attracted to those that treat them the best.

Having said that I once heard that an un-neutered male will often mistake a neutered male for a female and try to mate.

I have seen this for myself and felt very sorry for the poor startled unfortunate scuttling away after wriggling free!

Dec 22, 2011
by: Barbara

I’m not so sure I’d agree with the gay cats theory in that they are sexually orientated that way but I very much agree that some cats prefer females and some prefer males.
When my husband, a lifelong cat lover and a gentle giant, was alive his own little female cat, Popsy, adored him but only put up with me, while Walter and Jozef, not being very used to men were a bit wary of him. After John died Popsy and I became very close in our mutual grief and I think then she came to love me almost as much as she had loved John.
I think it’s more what they become used to than any sexual orientation, some cats are scared by large people so may prefer a woman for that reason plus if they have ever been treated badly by a man or a woman then they remember and distrust all men or all women they come across.

Barbara avatar

Dec 22, 2011
Maybe not so crazy
by: Ruth

Not quite so crazy maybe as why shouldn’t some cats be born gay just like some people are !
Yes it’s strange how some cats like females best or vice versa, but fear of one sex can be from a bad experience with a person of that sex, even at a very young age.
Cats never ever forget.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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