Geezer Butler, Founding Member of Black Sabbath Supports New York Ban on Declawing

I’m delighted to report that Black Sabbath’s co-founder and bassist is a self-proclaimed crazy cat person vehemently against the declawing of cats. He likes performing in New York and you may recall that in the state of New York the legislature is debating the statewide ban of declawing. It would be a magical moment if this enlightened state decided to lead the way in America to ban what can only be described as the brutal mutilation of a cat for the convenience of his/her owner in a total breach of the oath of all veterinarians.

Geezer Butler
Geezer Butler
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Geezer Butler says:

“Can you imagine having your fingers chopped off at the last bone… That is what the equivalent is for cats who are declawed. It is dreadfully inhumane!”

Well said indeed. He goes on to say that there is a surge of veterinarians throughout New York who support legislation to put declawing in the trash bin of history. Mr Butler urges the lawmakers of the state to remain steadfast and take this debate to its decent conclusion, namely, a ban.

Banning declawing in this state may and probably would encourage other states to follow suit, in due course, which would lead to a dream come true for very many people: a nationwide ban of declawing which in all honesty should never have existed in the first place. It is an anomaly in the landscape of veterinary practice in the USA.

Of course, veterinarians are opposing the bill because they can earn between $100 and $500 for each procedure. It about money, of course, and I’ve said that many times although it does not really need to be said. The vets find a devious argument why declawing should remain but in doing so they damage their profession.

It may be that the lawmakers of New York need to be educated about what declawing is because even the name is misleading. It could be argued that New York state is leading the way in animal welfare in conjunction with the state of California which also has an enlightened approach, at least from my perspective. They have passed animal-friendly laws in the past including allowing dogs in outdoor cafes and a ban on tattooing pets.

You can read more about this bill which bans declawing by clicking on this link. The results of the debate should be coming out very soon I would have thought.

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