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  1. Very interesting post Michael. I didn’t know that wildcats interbred with domestic cats.

    One of the most common questions that come up in PoC is “what breed is my cat”. This could help, but I’m not sure what the point would be unless it is to find out about genetic disposition to disease. I have a friend who did the test on his beloved dog who is quite the specimen. He is smarter than any dog I’ve ever known. My friend was expecting the results to be something magnificent like part wolf, part herding dog of some sort. The results were funny. The dog was half poodle, half shepherd.

    I’ve often thought my little guy was part Main Coon, just because of his personality-and even more so after reading Are Main Coons Lap Cats on this site, but alas he is too small and probably from a long line of Moggies. Love him anyway.

    Charlie looks like royalty in the photo above.


    • Hi Dorothy, I think people want their cat to a pure-bred. It is a status symbol. But in truth as you say there is not real point to it. Charlie thinks he is royalty! He also thinks I am his butler.

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