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Genetic Link Between Elvis Presley And The Bengal Cat! — 5 Comments

  1. Elvis story makes me sad. He would have been better off singing in his church choir, an unknown, all his life. He was such a lost soul, definitely searching for peace at the end, but he did not find it.

    A genetic heart condition doesn’t mean an early death guaranteed. He could have lived a lot longer without the pressures of fame and all those drugs. My uncle with Down Syndrome lived to be 60, and that’s an exceptionally long life for someone with that genetic abnormality. He lived so long because he lived a simple, healthy life without much stress. He walked in the woods for most of every day. When my great grandma wanted him to come home she sent the dog to find him and fetch him.

    I think a person shouldn’t be afraid to care for a cat with a health condition, like a Bengal with an enlarged heart. You just never know how much time any animal or person has on this earth. With good care they could live a long time. But it’s just proof again that random bred cats are healthier. If you want a cat without a genetically inherited abnormality that could shorten his life or decrease his quality of life, then adopt a shelter cat, preferably a black one.

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