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  1. I was given a cat when responding to a free cat/kittens ad, shes two years old and is a teeny tiny little thing weighs 5 pounds or a little less. She looks like the photo at top except her color is the smoky grey. It looks like this is the type of cat I was given. Will ask the, vet when I take her next week on payday to update shots, etc.

    • The Genetta cat breed is extremely rare so it is unlikely your cat is a Genetta. You appear to have a spotted tabby cat. The spots seem to be clear and sharp which is slightly unusual. If you can upload a photo to another comment that would be good.

  2. I’m not opposed to the differing species mixes, though with Savannah or any wild classified cats listed on the line, you may run into issues where some cities and/or counties have made any wild animal blood in the mix as illegal. Just a heads up on that.

    what I am opposed to is coming to your site and seeing the advertisements for putting down your pet. GAH!!!! It stresses me out and is a little premature of an add to be shown,front and center, to new visitors. Just my $0.02

    • Hi Kristen. Thanks for the comment. Not sure what you mean about adverts on putting your pet down. Could you explain that? Are these Google Adsense adverts you are talking about? These are chosen automatically by Google but I could stop them if I knew about them. I have not seen them.

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