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From what I can tell, these comments about dwarf breeds (on this site) come from those that are upset that the dwarf breeds are creating more competition for other breeders.

Munchkins, Genettas, and many others live lives just as cats with long legs do.

Yes, there are some issues of having a litter that has health problems, but the same can be said for most cat breeds.

I have yet to see a dwarf cat act in a way that is not typical behavior. They still jump on furniture, still run about, and still like to chase toys.

I feel that people should stop trying to make a breeder of dwarf cats seem inhumane. This is not true at all. In fact, the opposite is occurring.

Due to all this criticism, breeders are paying careful attention to ensure that they breed healthy cats. Breeding anything other would result in a bad reputation and ultimately the closing of the cattery.

Hi.. thank you for sharing your experience and expertise. It is appreciated.

I agree by the way that there are some people who are prejudiced against dwarf cats without much knowledge of the dwarf breeds. It is probably due to the fact that a dwarf cat has an obvious "defect" (short legs) that by definition is not beneficial so why breed more of these cats. I think that is the fundamental problem that some people perceive as unacceptable.

I have taken your short but useful post as an opportunity to briefly write about the Genetta as there is no single page on my website dedicated to this fairly new and rare cat breed. I hope that you do not mind me doing this.

The Genetta

In the standard leg form - meaning as per the breed standard - the Genetta looks like a short legged Bengal cat. Well, it does to me.

Although, in fact, this relatively new cat breed is designed to have some of the physical characteristics of the Genet, which is a cat-like animal (or related to the cat species Felidae) - but not part of the cat family in terms of its species classification (taxonomy).


The Genetta is an exotic hybrid cat. The cat breeds used in creating the Genetta are: the Munchkin, Bengals, Savannahs, Oriental Shorthairs and domestic shorthaired cats (random bred cats).

The tabby coat patterns are like those of the Bengal cat, namely spotted or the classic blotched tabby appearance.

This cat breed has all the usual attributes of a domestic cat in terms of personality, behavior and its physical attributes. As our anonymous contributor above says, it is able to jump and run in the same way as long legged cats.

I would be pleased if the author of the first part of this post uploaded some more photos.

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Jan 26, 2012
In Medias Res NEW
by: Exotic Animals Rock!!

That is Latin for " in the middle of things" and that's how I feel about the dwarf cats. I think creating the kittens like that is wrong and sort of against nature....but they do look cuter than normal cats. You have to think about it..short legs are ADORABLE!!!!!! Even though short legs deprive them from jumping like all cats do......there are some upsides to this.....there is always an upside.;)

Aug 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

Oddly enough, while a genet has a long body and tail, it's still quite leggy, which you can see when it is not crouched or slinking. It's not a stumpy dwarf ferret animal like this cat.

Jan 24, 2011
Genettas - why?
by: Susie Bearder

I simply do not understand how and why this is allowed to happen. Can anyone explain it to me? What is the average life expectancy of these poor little creatures?

Jan 24, 2011
my feelings
by: kathy w

I remember the first time I saw a dwarf kitten. It was at an animal swap meet. Which is where people go to find unusual pets, exotic snakes, rabbits and mice and rats sold by the dozens for snake food, illegal reptiles,( such as Mata Mata turtles) baby foxes, ferrets, even peacocks. It was in an enclosure with other kittens. They were all Bengal mixes. I felt so bad for the dwarfs. They were playing like normal kittens but they couldnt jump up on the shelf like the normal kittens. I think to purposely breed thes poor kitties is not right. Genetic defects should be treated as such. These people who claim they can get along like regular cats are only making excuses for their behavior in breeding these poor kitties!! Just another way humans are trying to please themselves at the expense of the poor animal. Look at how we have changed the dog into over 100 breeds.

4 thoughts on “Genetta”

  1. I was given a cat when responding to a free cat/kittens ad, shes two years old and is a teeny tiny little thing weighs 5 pounds or a little less. She looks like the photo at top except her color is the smoky grey. It looks like this is the type of cat I was given. Will ask the, vet when I take her next week on payday to update shots, etc.

    • The Genetta cat breed is extremely rare so it is unlikely your cat is a Genetta. You appear to have a spotted tabby cat. The spots seem to be clear and sharp which is slightly unusual. If you can upload a photo to another comment that would be good.

  2. I’m not opposed to the differing species mixes, though with Savannah or any wild classified cats listed on the line, you may run into issues where some cities and/or counties have made any wild animal blood in the mix as illegal. Just a heads up on that.

    what I am opposed to is coming to your site and seeing the advertisements for putting down your pet. GAH!!!! It stresses me out and is a little premature of an add to be shown,front and center, to new visitors. Just my $0.02

    • Hi Kristen. Thanks for the comment. Not sure what you mean about adverts on putting your pet down. Could you explain that? Are these Google Adsense adverts you are talking about? These are chosen automatically by Google but I could stop them if I knew about them. I have not seen them.


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