Gentle natural way to train your cat and boost his enjoyment (video)

This is simple reward based cat training that most of us understand but it is done in a gentle, interesting way and combined with some special cooking. It is also a way of interacting more with your cat. I believe that not enough cat caretakers/guardians/owners (what word do you prefer?) spend enough time interacting with their cat. I know domestic cats can be self-contained but human-to-cat interactions are stimulating for them and the video maker interacts with his cats very nicely. Okay, he is motivated to do so because he is making videos but good for him; it’s a clever idea.

I particularly like the way Jun (I think that’s his name) is gently and intelligently interactive with his three cats: Kohaku, Poki and Nagi. It is nice to take your indoor or confined cat outside for a walk as shown in the video. It is lovely to see but quite difficult to achieve. Not all cats are suited. Some will be too frightened and become difficult to manage and Jun is fully aware of that. I always like to see confined cats (either full-time indoor or confined to a garden) being taken on treks or on bike rides. It is the very best form of compromise between safety for your cat and making his/her life as entertaining and as stimulating as possible. That’s the role of the caretaker. Jun sets a high standard.

The training section of video tells us how straightforward it is provided you have the will and persistence to keep at it. I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did.

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