Geoffroy’s Cat Range

Geoffroy’s cat range is set out below (at 2009). The original map is on this page: Geoffroy’s cat range. At the moment it is an open collaboration project. It was built by me based on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™.

This map should be up to date but all these wild cat range (distribution) maps need constant attention as things change and the original information that formed the basis of the map may be less than perfect. The information is often limited and experts have differing views on distribution. That is where visitors can help by providing their input on an ongoing basis immediately, no waiting
for the publication of a fresh map in a book
for example.

Map Channels: free mapping tools

I have marked out one sighting that took place some time ago (between 2000 and present – 2009). It was on land bought by World Land Trust. Please click on the blue flag. From Geoffroy’s Cat Range to Wild Cat Species.

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