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Georgia Department of Agriculture closes case against Effingham County Animal Shelter after accusations labeled ‘unfounded’ — 26 Comments

    • 100 of the cats out were from me and my network from north ga helping to get them out.. furkids saved 23 on one pull in feb? I pulled and transported them up.. then hoarding case 21 sick cats w coccidia and uri .. 24 hrs left.. again i contacted my north ga rescue peeps.. half way home and furkids pulled i transported them up .. Louise Basia Burns raised $2500 in pledges to vet these cats! I have pulled for cherokee humane society between june and oct 40 cats and kittens..we have several fosters homes here .. Also furkids contacted me in sept about hurricane evacuation plans for the shelter.. offered to pull.. I contacted the shelter and we had 34 cats loaded on a cessna airplane the next day from effingham ac and jesup ac.. then i contacted fort stewart stray facitlity to help their animals fly out also.. this is my passion and i have been blessed with an awesome network of rescue friends ..

      • It sounds like you are doing good work on behalf of the animal community. It is sad that everyone targets the employees and facilities that are responsible for attempting to maintain so semblance of animal control and saying nothing of the hundreds of animals that are abandoned, hoarded and breed for financial profit by PEOPLE with no conscience. I wish people would target the irresponsible pet owners for the conditions that the animals are placed in.

  1. They need to go to this place unannounced at different times throughout the year they also need to go in there with hidden cameras it’s the only way you’re going to catch him

  2. I do not know anything about this animal shelter, but reading the way that euthanasia is handled brought me to tears. This place is violating the rights of these poor cats and dogs. This is outright cruelty, and it is horrifying.

    • A lot of people don’t realize how easily shelters kill due to “behavioral” issues. This shelter having a 48% kill rate isn’t good and should set off warning bells that things aren’t being done right as far as the dogs and cats are concerned. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

        • You wouldn’t be live how cold it ge rd. And how hot it gets them dignoasing that poor dog with a broken back.yhank god Heather got him to sav are he would of been put down for broken back.yhats against at law

  3. The effingham county animal shelter almost 3 years for last year I was bullied they treated me like I was nothing I was supposed to be adoption coordinator I was i was not allowed to contact rescues I wasn’t allowed to do anything .I got wrote up for trying to kittens. I was then told I was not allowed to have my phone on premises.it had to stay in the car.while every one had their phone but me.the director was always mean too me.slways tried to make me feel stupid.insulting me by saying.your doc might want to change the dosage.How dare she. My cat died told her I would be a little late.when I got there first thing she said don’t be boohoo !!!! That hurt
    I stopped working there because it was a very hostile work environment. County admin did nothing.now they are saying the fired me but I resigned

    • That is interesting that for three years you sat by idle and did nothing. Anyone who has half a brain can do a little research and see that you are just an angry employee who was let go based on your own conduct. The fact that you are misleading others into believing that there is somehow nefarious conduct taking place at a shelter is irreprehensible. Take responsibility for your actions and find something productive to do with your time.

  4. I know first hand that they didn’t start putting towels in the cages untill Heather said something. I know for a fact that kittens or cats have been put to sleep for having so called certain parasites.without being fecal tested. How do u know what to treat them for if u don’t test them. Putting kittens down because they are scared so the call them feral.I can back up everything up. I use to work there thank God for Heather because maybe they will finally put proper a.c. unit and heating in the back….so thank u Heather….also they were gonna pu t down a wemirner with a so called broken back untill Heather stepped in and got the dog to Savannah vet. The vet found a chip called the owner and guess what the dog did not have a broken back…

  5. Its all a good ole boy club 🙁
    They all cover for each other at the expense of the animals..makes me furious!!!
    I commend Heather for speaking up..more people need to take a stand and stop remaining silent!!

    • BINGO. I found that out about Bryan County Animal Control in Richmond Hill. Same story. When I started to speak up, I was harassed, taken to court 15 times, arrested twice, AND when I put home security cameras on my house, I was told to take them down or go to jail. Talk about civil rights violations! And yes, I captured the harassment and goings-on. I no longer live there, when you can’t walk out of your own home without a camera in your hand, that’s unbearable.

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