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Georgia truck driver reunited with his cat after losing him last July

Matthew and Ashes – Photo: courtesy Lollypop Farm in Rochester, NY

“The woman that found him saved his life, but the microchip brought him home.”

I have a particular fondness for cat stories which involve truck drivers because I think it’s great that truck drivers sometimes like cats and have them in their cab. I know some people might think it is not a good idea but all in all I think that it is.

This guy, Matthew, lost his cat Ashes last July. He actively searched for him ever since. Every time he passed through Springfield he’d search because he lost him at Love’s Travel Stop in Springfield, Ohio. Matthew searched for Ashes without success until he had a stroke of good luck.

A woman motorist, Kimberly, in early November, was on her way from the West Coast to Rochester. She stopped at Love’s Travel Stop. She spotted a thin, grey cat and it seems that she immediately realised that the cat was likely to be homeless. She tried to find the cat’s owner without success and decided therefore to take the cat to Rochester with her. A brave and sensible step to take.

When she arrived at Rochester she took Ashes to Lollipop Farm which is run by the Humane Society of Greater Rochester, New York.

They were able to scan Ashes for a microchip. The wonder of microchipping did its job because they immediately found out that Matthew was the owner. This led to a reunion after Matthew rearranged his route schedule to make a stop at Rochester about a week-and-a-half after he had been contacted by the rescue centre.

“It’s that microchip. Without it I wouldn’t have ever gotten him back. If you love your pet, you just have to chip them.” – Matthew speaking to Lollipop Farm.



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