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German Court Orders Whiskerless Cat to be Castrated — 3 Comments

  1. It’s no secret that I abhor breeding when there are so many wonderful cats without homes.
    I support a ban on all breeding until there is a better outlook for moggies.
    But, to purposely breed cats that are certain to have genetic health issues or are as completely “uncat-like” as a hairless sphynx is criminal to me.
    For the most part, all cats are beautiful to me. But, a manmade “rat-cat” may turn a lot of people off.

  2. I am absolutely disgusted by the deliberate breeding of cats to accentuate deformities. I absolutely agree with this decision on the part of the German authorities. Cats should NOT be bred simply for rich idiots to have a cat to satisfy their need to have something “rare and special”.

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