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Germany bans animal shelter adoptions in the run-up to Christmas — 6 Comments

  1. I think all countries should do this. Too many humans think that furkids are objects to be purchased and discarded like a piece of shit! Talk abut a mind fuck for the cat or dog or even rabbits etc..They are a lifelong commitment! They are not cars, furniture to discard because you pop out a kid or get tired of feeding him or her or caring for their health! I’m so sick of humans being assholes and not loving them for life! So yes, I completely agree with this!!

  2. Considering that the holiday season is a time of extra stress, I’ve never thought it was wise to add a new pet to this mix. I’m surprised that the shelters don’t give this any thought. It seems like a “no brainer” to me. Obviously, they’re not thinking beyond the “adoption”.

  3. Festive times are the very worst times to welcome a new companion into a family.

    I’m with Albert on this.

    Well done Germany, Ireland & The Dogs Trust!

    I wish all rescue organisations would take up this policy.

  4. It’s hard to argue with the numbers. If pets bought as presents at Christmas are then abandoned in January, I’d at least initiate a policy to grill the buyers big time before allowing the purchase. People get nutty with present buying and while gifting and adopting are nice gestures, an animal companion shouldn’t be lumped into that. They are a family member. I even bristled at a stupid video on Facebook which showed a woman wrapping a cat in Christmas gift paper, which got me banished from the group for “being rude”, which I wasn’t. Think of how children treat their presents in general: playing with a toy a couple of times then forgetting about it… I’d rather a cat spend another month in jail than risking that on them.

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