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Getting justice for abused cats — 2 Comments

  1. You are correct the system is failing.recently in Adelaide,south Australia the RSPCA were called to a house which was in terrible condition and 3 cats were taken from the house, the cats were all emaciated and sick.the case went to court and the judge saw it fit to return 2 of the cats back to the owner and the other cat remained at the RSPCA to be put up for adoption. In my opinion here is a case of the RSPCA doing their job but sadly the judge didn’t.the cats should never have been returned to such a shocking house and even if it was cleaned up the fact the owner let them get into such a bad condition proves to me that the cats should go to a better home..the system has certainly failed these 2 cats.

  2. Explain to the world why you demand justice from the world when your neighbor can’t even get justice from you when they tell you to keep your cat home.

    You’re only getting back exactly what you give and show to the whole world. Nothing more, nothing less.

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