Ghislaine Maxwell’s cat injured when FBI smashed down her front door

CAT NEWS AND VIEWS: Ghislaine Maxwell’s rescue cat was injured and ran off when 60 armed FBI agents and police smashed down her front door and the door frame when they arrived at her house to arrest her. Her cat ran off in terror. Security staff and apparently lawyers spent four days looking for the cat.

Maxwell's home in New Hampshire
Maxwell’s home in New Hampshire. An army of FBI agents and police arriving in 15 cars, smashed down the front door and surrounding wall to arrest Ghislaine Maxwell at 8:30 in the morning. Her cat was injured when the debris fell upon her. Her cat ran off and was lost for 4 days.
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You may remember that her Bradford, New Hampshire home is located deep in the countryside surrounded by woods where there is wildlife. I guess she bought it because it was secluded for the simple reason that she didn’t want to be found.

It appears to be an ideal place to for a domestic cat except for the chances of being preyed upon by wildlife. In any case, we are told by the Daily Mail online website that all hell broke loose when the FBI and police smashed down half of the front wall to get inside the property when they could have opened the door because it was unlocked. Update: I’ve been told today by my girlfriend that more recent and updated news reports on the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell informs us that law enforcement knocked on the front door of her Bradford, New Hampshire home and there was no response. It appears that Ghislaine Maxwell was unwilling to cooperate and law enforcement knocked the door down and possibly some of the surrounding door frame. I’m not sure of the complete details. Apparently, too, she had covered her mobile phone in foil to prevent law enforcement identifying its position. This further indicated her alleged attempts to evade the law. As mentioned, there was a very large number of law enforcement officers in various guises including the local police and the FBI who attended the Bradford home of this notorious lady. FYI she was refused bail at her recent hearing and will remain on remand in jail until July 2021 for her full trial. She has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against her.

I guess they had to be sure and they didn’t know what to expect but it appears to be overkill (15 vehicles arrived). Her cat (we don’t know his or her name) was terrified out of her wits. The estate comprises 156 acres of woodland where apparently there are bears and porcupines. It’s interesting that law enforcement took such particular care about trying to find her cat and treating him. No doubt they they were concerned about bad publicity. We don’t know where her cat is right now; probably being cared for by a friend or perhaps at an animal rescue organisation.

Ghislaine Maxwell. Her cat was injured when the FBI raided her home to arrest. Front door was smashed down in part of the wall which caused her cat to be injured. Her cat ran off and was lost before days.
Ghislaine Maxwell. Her cat was injured when the FBI raided her home to arrest her. Her front door was smashed down and part of the surrounding wall which caused her cat to be injured. Her cat ran off and was lost for 4 days.

Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in a high security prison and her attendances at court are to plead for bail so she can be released pending a trial. She is accused of organising Jeffrey Epstein’s activities of underage sex with girls. I’m told that she can expect 35 years in jail if convicted.

Her lawyers have argued that she is at risk of getting Covid-19 in jail and should be released. If she is released on bail there will be lots of conditions attached, as well as wearing an ankle tag and being monitored around the clock. She is definitely a flight risk because she has international connections.

However, on the face of it, it is bizarre that she decided to return to America and buy a home there which cost $1 million (bought with cash apparently). It almost seems that she was inviting her arrest. Perhaps she became tired of being chased and hunted down by the FBI. Her lawyers have argued that she never tried to flee. She may have been in America for the past 12 months despite having UK, US and French passports. There were reports that she was in Paris. France does not have an extradition treaty with America as I understand it.

Ghislaine Maxwell has offered to the court that she will rent a home in New York if granted bail. Her hearing is coming up next Tuesday.

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    • Schepis, it’s in backwoods New Hampshire. You can buy the entire state for $5 million :). What should be the major concern is that her door was UNLOCKED. And 15 cars? And why the FBI when a US Marshall’s Service would have been more effective at 1/10th of the tax-payers expense.


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