Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped snuggle

Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped embrace
Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped embrace. This is a screenshot.
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You know that most (75%) ginger tabby domestic cats are males because the genes that dictate the ginger coat is sex-linked. Therefore, this is a very woke little video in which you can only tell it is a video when one of them moves his ear 😊. In human terms this is a couple of gay cats. Not that cats pay a blind bit of notice to the woke movement or gay relationships. They have no knowledge of these human concepts. Their lives are blissfully simplified. They just know that they like each other and feel the comfort of being together snuggled up as we see in the video. It’s brilliant, I think. Ginger tabbies are great cats. Arguably they have the best temperaments on average while accepting that there will be individual cat variations.


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2 thoughts on “Ginger boy cats announce their mutual love in heart-shaped snuggle”

  1. I don’t think very much can be read into the two ginger cats sleeping together. My present cat and his sister didn’t get along. She was always hissing at him and would leave any room he entered. Mostly, it think, but can’t prove, because she found his size intimidating (he was three times her size) but I would often find them conked out together in a lump as close as the cats in your photo/video. So I think cats sleeping together has more to do with comfort (a ready-made pillow), or warmth, rather than affection.

    • Fair point. Perhaps I have anthropomorphized these cats but then again people like to do that and it makes the image more attractive. Sometimes too much realism is a party pooper 😎. Also sometimes cats do genuinely have very close friendships. Experts call them ‘associates’. I call them friends.


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