Ginger cat has conversation with hooded crow on top of high-rise building

Cat has conversation with hooded crow on high-rise building
Cat has conversation with hooded crow on high rise building
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These two know each other. That’s my guess. The cat, a ginger tabby-and-white and probably male likes to sit around at the top of this building. Let’s say it looks like the top of a high rise building and it looks like he does it a lot which is why he knows the hooded crow because the crow has landed there before for a rest and they meet. They formed a sort of friendhip although the cat’s meows indicate that he is a little irritated. If I were to try and translate what the cat is saying it might be, “Piss off…”. Or it could be more polite such as, “I don’t want to talk to you today because my human companion, the person filming this as I speak, can’t understand why I don’t attack you as prey…”

The hooded crow likes to have a conversation with his mate the ginger tabby. It appears that they understand each other. It is a fairly fluent conversation. It is like watching two people in a foreign country talking to each other. The place looks like the Mediterranean, perhaps Spain, Portugal or Greece but it is hard to tell. There is an interesting friendship between an Alsatian and a crow on another page.

There are many videos on the internet of cats and dogs in nice, friendly relationships with birds. It sounds strange but it’s true. Cats can loose the hunting instinct if raised that way.

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