Girl finds solace in riding her horse and her cat insists on joining them

Girl holding cat while on horse. Photo: Tumblr

I like the photograph as it describes a lot about life. The girl likes to ride her horse to ‘cure’ her. I think she means that being in contact with her horse makes her feel better. We know how being in contact with animals alleviates stress and confusion in kids.

The gray cat apparently always likes to be in the arms of the girl when she is riding her horse. It is as if her cat insists on being part of the trio. Perhaps her cat is saying that if she can find solace and calm when riding then he has the right to receive the same experience and insists on joining her. This is a picture of interspecies friendships.

There may be an element of jealousy too. However, whether domestic cats experience jealousy is up for discussion but I think most experienced cat owners and some ‘experts’ would say that they do.

In the picture, we have three animals together enjoying each other’s company. The third animal is the human-animal. In general, humans like to think they are not an animal and superior but looking at this picture we are reminded that we all have similar needs.


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