Girlfriend leaves Strictly Come Dancing participant and is taking the cat

Strictly Come Dancing turmoil
Strictly Come Dancing turmoil The Curse of Strictly.
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She has had enough. Seann Walsh’s girlfriend of three years is leaving him over the well publicised ‘drunken snog’ between Seann and his ‘Strictly’ partner, Katya Jones. And she is taking the cat, so there…

It is ‘The Curse of Strictly Come Dancing’ striking again. When celebrities become intimately involved with their professional dancers over weeks of training there is always a risk of the professional relationship become personal.

Seann Walsh had a long term girlfriend of three years, Rebecca Humphries. Katya’s husband, Neil Jones, is one of the professional dancers on the show. He is not one of the featured pro’s training celebs but he participates in the group dances.

Rebecca Humphries said she has not received an apology from Seann. She also said that he has a history of ‘hurtful behaviour’ (from her perspective). Rebecca has been watching Strictly and seen what she regards as inappropriate behavior between him and Katya. The trouble is that there is nearly always ‘inappropriate behaviour’ between the pro dancers and their trainee, celebrity partners from the third party girlfriend or boyfriend’s perspective.

It is very intimate. It has to be. The closeness, the touching, the romantic dance routines all generate intimacy which must be difficult for real life partners to accept. I wouldn’t let my girlfriend do Strictly because it is just too damned dangerous from a relationship point of view.

Anyway, Rebecca is taking the cat which she has a right too. They are not married and I’d bet she brought the cat to the relationship in the first place. I don’t have details about the cat.

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  1. I think Rebecca handled this very well, I don’t follow the programme or celebs in general, just caught it on the news. Glad she took the cat, a much better result for Rebecca than sticking with an unfunny comedian who leaves her alone on her birthday. Probably a better result for the cat too!


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