Give your cat Silver Vine to make it easier to give him a pill

It never occurred to me until now. Giving your cat a pill, which can be bloody difficult, might be easier if he/she is a little high on silver vine. Silver vine is another word for matatabi and matatabi is similar to catnip in regards to its effect on the domestic cat. We know the effect; is a fairly mild drug for cats producing a “cat high”. Perhaps it is the cat equivalent to marijuana for humans. The herb contains antioxidants and vitamin C. The raw plant is illustrated below:

silver vine

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It has been suggested that you place your cat on a towel on which has been sprinkled silver wine. The place should be somewhere in the home which your cat considers to be friendly.

The author writes that “silver vine is an enrichment device”. I don’t really understand that in this context. But she goes on to write that it will “encourage them to interact with objects that we want them to get accustomed to…”

I guess this means the cat becomes more pliable and accepting. If that is the case then it would be a great help when trying to give a cat a pill with a pill gun or using your hands. I use a pill gun.

I have an article on catnip and matatabi which provides some background information.

Has anyone tried using either catnip of silver vine when administering a pill to their cat?

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5 thoughts on “Give your cat Silver Vine to make it easier to give him a pill”

  1. I wish I had seen this before my vet visit today. I would have loved to hear her opinion on this.
    BTW we’re on cloud 9. The gingivectomy in our 10 month old was 100% successful and her x-rays revealed perfect teeth and roots.
    Some of that silver vine infused in the crate for the 100 mile round trip would have been nice to try. Little Mercy is so sick of vet visits.

    1. I am very pleased your ten-year-old has perfect teeth and roots! This is very important to overall health I believe. I would have loved to have heard your vet’s opinion too. I would think that vets have not given much thought to using silver vine as an aid to delivering pills to cats.

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