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Global Warming Causing Surge in Feral Cats in Australia — 4 Comments

  1. I would tend to believe that extended warm climates increase breeding potential.
    However, you are correct in writing that Australians haven’t seemed interested in trying anything but extermination. I wonder if there has even been any discussion regarding TNR.
    It seems that they will use any excuse to justify their mass murder.

    BTW, I just read that 80% of Americans don’t believe in global warming.
    I, personally, am a believer.

    • I am believer in global warming but the science is not quite hard and fast yet. I don’t recall the Aussie authorities ever discussing TNR. Some people have in Australia but the authorities seem hell bent on crude and cruel mass extermination.

  2. The reason they aren’t going to bother with TNR is that they already tried that. MASSIVE abject failure! Just like in the UK where you are destroying all your native wildlife with your pestilence of non-native moggies.

    • Bullshit, you idiot. They have not tried it properly or hardly at all. For God’s sake try and write something that makes sense.

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