Gloriously glamorous Bengal cat

Glossy glamorous Bengal cat
Glossy glamorous Bengal cat. Photo: @SilkyBengeezers on Twitter.
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This is a special looking cat. Silky and smooth, sumptuous and striking! Gloriously glamorous, glossy and gobsmacking in his sumptuous good looks! He lives in the UK and he is on Twitter. I just thought the photograph was very nice indeed. It is not often that you bump into such a good photograph of a Bengal cat on the Internet. They say that the best Bengal cats have glitter. Their coat glitters as if gold dust has been sprinkled over it. This guy probably has a glittering coat. The colour is amazing and the markings are nicely high contrast. His name is either Denzel Ringo or Winston.

If you are interested in contacting the owner their Twitter username is @SilkyBengeezers. Look them up and ask questions. It seems to me that the breeder of this cat knows what they are doing but always visit breeders’ home to check out their bona fides.


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