God gave cats their claws for many reasons

By Leah

God gave cats their claws for many reasons. This is just me. I’m of fairly average intelligence. I don’t study politics or religion, maybe I should I don’t know. It would probably be advantageous to be more politically aware.

I suppose I am someone with very simplistic needs. I need to have a job because I like to eat, need to know my cats will eat, pay the mortgage and feel secure. I don’t want or need the latest gadgets. I prefer to be able to walk in my garden and smell freshly cut grass or the earthy smell of autumn. I like to be with people I love. I cherish the company of my three cats on a winter night by the fire.

I digress, I know but what I’m trying to say is that as a simple person I also know right from wrong; I don’t need to preach religion or politics to know that declawing can be nothing other than very, very wrong.

Like Michael I don’t intend to criticise one religion or another but all too often I hear someone say ‘I have God to thank for everything I’ve got’ but that usually seems to mean materialistic things; sadly where some people are concerned this includes companion animals (not me I am of the belief they are on loan to us to cherish during their time on earth). It seems to be all mine, mine, mine and because its mine I’ll do exactly what I want with it. But what I don’t understand and I never will is how someone can say they are religious; they love God but they want to and think its OK to mutilate and alter one of Gods creatures!? Someone please explain to me because I think it’s hypocritical!

God gave cats their claws for many reasons, do you think he would be happy that his perfect creations were being horribly mutilated and turned into a poor crippled creatures? No, I think not. But that’s just me; and as I say I have simplistic views.


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God gave cats their claws for many reasons — 28 Comments

  1. when i used to go to church, i dont now they said that even cats dont go to heaven which i know is alot of bullshit excuse the pun but it made me very sad. at least now im educated more that i couldnt imagine them going anywhere else.

    • I know some religions don’t believe animals have souls, and some Christians care nothing for animals yet call themselves good people, I don’t know what to believe, if anything, if humans have souls why not animals, if animals don’t have souls why should humans. What I do know is that if there is something after life and there are no cats there then it won’t be Heaven for me.

      • Religion is a human creation. It is centred around the human and therefore it does not surprise me that it differentiates between people, the human animal, and animals. It is an artificial differentiation because we are all the same.

        • yep thats how i see it, its all man made. I would be horrified if my animals werent there either. Thats why i dont believe as much as i used too.

          • If there IS a Heaven then I know for sure that all our cats will be there and if there isn’t a Heaven well we won’t know anyway because like them we won’t be anywhere either.
            We’ve all been dead before, we were dead before we were born and we didn’t know it, so we won’t know it after this life.
            But I do hope there IS a Heaven because if this world is all there is then it’s very unfair on the people and animals who suffer in it.
            I like to picture our late mother in Heaven, in fact I dream about her there, she lives in ‘Rose Cottage’ and is surrounded by all the cats she loved and also all the cats who no one on this earth loved, they are all very much loved by her now.

  2. What a thoughtful article Leah, you’re right, a kind and loving God would surely weep for the way his animals are treated by people who think that those ancient words “Man shall have dominion over all” entitles them to use and abuse animals in any way they wish. I never have, and never will, come to terms with declawing, the fact that it is a procedure of choice and yet is so harsh and life changing blows me away every time I think about it, I can’t understand why anyone would choose to pay for such physical and mental abuse to be carried out on a cat that they supposedly love.

    • My thoughts exactly Barbara how anyone can opt for this surgery by choice is beyond me and when I think its done in some cases to ‘protect’ a child it makes me shudder because if someone is lazy enough to do this they probably wouldn’t have taught the child to respect a clawed cat so there’s no way they are going to do it with a de-clawed one who needs a much greater degree of respect and compassion 🙁

  3. Thanks for this article. It is an article for people who believe in God, of which there are many millions indeed billions and I am sure that a sizeable proportion of those people in America declaw their cat.

    I would like to know how they reconcile their beliefs with declawing their cat.

    • Thanks for letting me put it on PoC Michael, it is something I’ve pondered many times; different types of religions but some following one God in a lot of cases who gave cats claws for numerous reasons.

  4. A very deep and passionate article Leah, I love it!
    You are so right in all you say, I too believe that animals are not ours to possess and to do with as we will, we are merely their caretakers and should do our very best to live up to that job.
    We have no right to take essential parts away from them, they come with claws because they need them.
    Some people bring up the same old argument that we neuter cats, they can’t seem to grasp that neutering is for the cat’s own sake, for their health and welfare.
    Declawing is for neither of those, it’s only for the convenience of selfish people and for filling a declaw vet’s bank account with blood money.
    I too have simplistic views, all the fancy words and knowledge in the world don’t make for wise and compassionate people. In fact they count for nothing at all if that person can’t see or won’t see how cruel it is to declaw cats.

    • Eggzagtly Ruth – the old neutering argumant is a load of old tosh. The two things are for entirely different reasons. The ONLY time it’s fair to declaw a cat is when it is to preserve the cats feet due to injury or ingrown nail or something that is threatening their well being. Then it is for the right reasons. Even then it’s hard to do – those claws are so important to the cats – they really need them to be what they are – which is cats.

    • Thank you Ruth praise indeed from someone as passionate as you who dedicates so many hours to animal welfare. You are right though its no coincidence that we hear the same justifications all the time in fact the neutering one is very well used by pro de-clawers. They must know its wrong but don’t want to admit they’ve done something incredibly cruel and selfish 🙁

      • I call it denial. It’s a form of human denial. People do this because their desire for the convenience of a declawed cat overcomes their guilt about doing it. There are other people, however, who genuinely believe that mutilating their cat at their convenience is perfectly acceptable because they see the cat as a lesser being, a dumb animal. It is that “dumb animal” tag that allows these people to treat animals in an abusive manner.

        And, I regret to say, the Bible, the most widely read book in the history of mankind, there’s very little to rectify the attitude of these people towards their cats.

        • Like I say Michael I’m not religious but at school I remember the hymn so well ‘all things bright and beautiful’ which follows on ‘all creatures great and small’ God made these creatures and I just feel that we shouldn’t mess with his work I just find it all so sad.

      • Leah I love your writing and you are as passionate as Babz and I are about the cruelty of declawing. The simple fact is that like Babz, you have to go out to work, but being retired I have more time to dedicate myself more.

        • I think she makes a very nice point in a very straightforward way and I hope that as America has a lot of people who are religious it may make them think about declawing a bit more.

          • Thank you both very much its true full time work takes up so much time and if I didn’t have time to re-charge my batteries I’d go mad I think lol. Michael that was in my mind to be honest when I wrote the article; the amount of religious people in America.

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