God Sent Our Maine Coon Kitten

God Sent Our Maine Coon Kitten

by Pam
(Clay, Alabam)

We have had 2 cats for the last 15 years. 5 months ago a little, maybe 6 weeks old, kitten just showed up in our driveway. We knew we could not keep him because of our older cats but decided we would till we found him a good home. After two days I knew he was staying. We had to keep Baby. That’s what I call him but my husband calls him Turbo cat. We kept him in our bathroom and bedroom for the first three months away from out other cats. Last month our oldest cat died for kidney failure. We were devastated.

We began letting baby out a little at a time to play or torture which every way you look at it with Bob our remaining cat. After two months they love each other although baby still tends to give Bob a hard time. In this time baby has grown from a tiny little kitten to a very long young cat with a very bushy tail.

My daughter has been volunteering at the local pet adoption center and says that baby is a Coon cat. When I say how did a Maine Coon cat end up in our driveway my husband says God sent him to help us and Bob get over Totter death. He has become an important and loving part of our family and we are all happy to have him.

Admin: Thank you for this uplifting story about a Maine Coon kitten.

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