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God told them to donate $100,000 to a cat rescue

Tammy and cats. Photo: Andrea Melendez/The News-Press/USA Today Florida Network.

This is a charming story. It is a story of enormous generosity and great kindness. It’s quite staggering because I have a fairly strong feeling that the couple who made this huge donation of $100,000 are not particularly rich.

Tammy Nemec is a cat rescuer with 80 rescue cats. They were almost homeless when their lease ran out on their former rental accommodation. The community and a good Samaritan stepped in with God’s good grace to turn things around.

Tammy Nemec and cat. Photo: Andrea Melendez/The News-Press/USA Today Florida Network.

Tammy Nemec is the founder, president and number-one caretaker for the nonprofit Rescue Cats Rock. She moved with her 80 rescue cats into her North Fort Myers, Florida home in January of this year with the assistance of cat lovers who together donated enough for her to place $35,000 on a down payment on her new home.

That in itself shows great generosity but the best was to come. An anonymous couple showed up one day to her new home with a check book in hand and, standing in the middle of her bedroom, told her that they will be writing her a check for $100,000.

It’s enough to pay off the mortgage, apparently (and more?). The man, and his wife who remain anonymous said that they had been praying about making this donation and they believe that the money is God’s money.

We believe that God is telling us we should help you.

Tammy was obviously completely flabbergasted. She said that she lost her balance and sat down on the floor.

It was so surreal. And of course I was crying.

She telephoned the vice president of Rescue Cats Rock to tell her the good news and both of them could not believe what had happened.

Comment: I can’t remember any single donation anywhere near as generous as this in the independent cat rescue world. There may be donations from wealthy individuals who have passed on to large animal welfare charities which we haven’t heard about but in terms of a single, individual donation to a small cat rescue such as this, this must be one of the the biggest on record.


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