GoDaddy founder said shooting elephants is rewarding

Bob Parsons shooting elephants

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This is about big Bob Parsons. He’s worth $1.85 billion mainly because he sold a large chunk of the company he founded, GoDaddy, in 2011. He is still the largest shareholder at 28% of the company. He was the CEO and until 2014 the Executive Chairman.

Bob Parsons
Bob Parsons

I guess most of us who go online have heard of GoDaddy. They host websites and register domain names; the web address of a website. So PoC’s domain name is

That’s the background. In the picture heading the page he nonchalantly rests his sorry arse against a bull elephant he has just shot in Zimbabwe. This is not hot-of-the-press news because the photo is at least three years old. However, it was his second year shooting elephants.

He claimed he was providing a service because the dead elephant had trampled on a farmer’s crops.

He said:

“For the second year in a row, I spent 10 days hunting problem elephants in Zimbabwe. Of everything I do, this is the most rewarding.”

So, Mr Parsons enjoys shooting endangered elephants. It reminds me of Dr Kristen Lindsey. She likes to kill animals too as do all sport hunters.

His argument is that elephants are not endangered in Zimbabwe. However, pretty well the entire world population by now understand that African elephants are endangered mainly because they are poached for their ivory to feed the insatiable appetite for ivory in China. China is at it again destroying nature.

Parsons is just trying to justify his lust for sporting hunting. Feeble I am afraid. He knows he is wrong.

The IUCN Red List classification for the African elephant is sadly out of date being last assessed in 2004 as “Vulnerable”. Since then things have changed dramatically through extensive poaching.

I suspect that Parson’s wealth has brought him into contact with the President of Zimbabwe, Mugabe, and he has bunged him a few million bucks to be given free rein to shoot elephants.

The reason why elephants are on farmland is because farmers encroach on the elephant’s land. The elephant was there first. This is what is happening with cheetahs, for example and other big cats. Due to a rapidly expanding human population in Africa, the wild cats are forced to share land with farmers. You can guess what the outcome usually is.

Parsons should have funnelled some of his riches into true conservation. Then he could have been genuinely proud of his behavior.

Source: GoDaddy CEO Hunts Elephants for Sport…..

11 thoughts on “GoDaddy founder said shooting elephants is rewarding”

  1. I don’t care much for that stupid company. Their ads are moronic and the one that was most moronic…was one they were going to put on the Super Bowl as an ad. It was of a puppy in the back of a truck..he falls out…as the owner drives away. The puppy makes he way home…after walking a great distance to be reunited with his owner…who scoops him up at the end once he does finally make it home and says..something like “Boy, I’m glad you’re here..I’m selling you on Go Daddy!!! I have NOT seen an ad of theirs yet…that wasn’t totally retarded. So knowing how they are with those useless ads. I’m not surprised he’s connected with them. I like him & them…even LESS now. As if, I needed more of a reason. He’s just another POS, arrogant asshole hunter with a huge ego, tiny brain, and BIG BIG MOUTH!

  2. Yes, he has defiled them in many aspects. they need our support. The people and their native wildlife.
    Thank You Michael
    Eva say’s

  3. It is my firm belief that we have no rights, morally or otherwise to destroy life. Mankind has taken the means for a species to be self supportive > territory and food sources. Mr. Bob and others like him are not an asset to society and belong out in the field , scrounging for food, water and shelter with the animals they feel are of little value to our planet and so easily expendable.
    Eva say’s_

    • High profile goons like Mr GoDaddy should set an example and preserve life not shoot it down for fun. Elephants are intelligent and sensitive. Zimbabwe is a mess under Mugabe. He has more or less destroyed the country.

  4. This is just not right. I know what he is saying is very offensive, think of the source, but hunting for sport in general. We are an international community. We need to cry out through our various sources and let people know this is wrong. Jim Parsons is a loser who I despise, but the opportunity for him to hunt in the first place is what offends me the most. I guess I just expect Parsons to do offensive things. He’s a local and is on the news for his exploits all the time. More infamous than famous. I can’t saw anything constructive about him, so I’ll quit.

  5. He is a terrible, sexist pig. He donated $35000 to an organization that helps take care of the volunteer DUI Task Officers food and drink. These officers get $0 for their 12 our shifts and so this wonderful people get the food and server the officers. Anyway, his head of security was pulled over and arrested for DUI. When Parsons found out he pulled the funding. He thought it made him above the law. Not even a police officer can get away with a DUI. Our laws are very strict. Anyway… I think he gave this friend’s organization money because she’s a drop dead beautiful blonde. I am honestly glad he pulled out. He’s trash. Note that Go Daddy have distanced themselves from him a bit locally. He’s dross.


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