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Gold and Aquamarine: Two Pairs of Feline Odd-eyes Set in Pure White — 11 Comments

    • Indeed they are. I have seen many thousands of pictures of cats. These two are in the top bracket of the most beautiful that I’ve seen.

  1. It would be interesting to know if these two beauties are deaf in the ear on the same side as their blue eyes. That is often the case. And thank you for the new (to me) vocabulary tern: heterochromia iridum

    Years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful white cat with soulful blue eyes. As I wrote on my website, Arthur was a rarity, and not deaf at all. She could hear a mouse rustle in the grass 100 yards away. She lived to be 18, but unfortunately, as she had been an indoor-outdoor cat (as was common practice back then), she developed sarcoma on her nose and ears, and didn’t last long.

  2. This is why I could SO EASILY become a cat hoarder, except I would make them their own world to roam in and spend all my money on their health and care!! Like that place in California.

    • I don’t know Alan. They certainly look fabulous 😉 Whether they are purebred and recognised breed is another matter.

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