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Golden Retriever nurses a litter of orphaned kittens — 6 Comments

  1. I love writing these because it helps get donations in for the group caring for the animals. My time these days seems to be spent finding people with money and connecting them to people who need money for a rescue animal. This type of story is shared like crazy.

  2. I love these stories. Both cats and dogs are tolerant of nursing animals that are part of their own species.

    My thought was: “is a dog’s colostrum the same as a cat’s colostrum?” Is there a danger here? I couldn’t find a webpage showing me that constituents of dog’s and cat’s colostrum for comparison.

    Apparently there is no danger or health problem. If you buy dog or cat colostrum powder commercially, it comes in one container. Therefore I presume it is the same in real life.

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