Good News: Crush Video Makers Severely Punished

Firstly, I wish to say that I am sorry to report another example of animal abuse. I prefer happy stuff but I just feel that this needs to be discussed openly and exposed. This is the only way that it will eventually cease.

Anyway this is good news. Animal abuse of this nature in society will take a long time to stop or diminish in frequency because for some sad and inexplicable reason it is part of the human psyche. Some sad people like to hurt animals which means other people will make videos of people hurting animals. It’s the human way.

Crush Video makers
Crush Video makers
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The crush videos were made in Houston, Texas over the period: 2010-2012, as far as I am aware. Ashley Richards, 23, was the actress and Brent Justice, 54 (ironic name), was the video maker. They were making the nastiest of specialist “consumer products”.

Ashley, as the scantily clad actress, did the following in front of the camcorder:

  • Stabbed puppies and a kitten
  • Chopped of the limbs of puppies and kitten
  • She used a meat cleaver and knives
  • Urinated on puppies and a kitten
  • Puncturing the eye of a cat with the heel of her shoe
  • Made sexual remarks while doing the above

She was convicted after pleading guilty on four counts of making crush videos under the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010. She was sentenced to 10 years detention.

Richard’s crime was more serious. He was convicted and sentenced to 50 years in prison for cruelty to non-livestock animals.

PETA instigated the arrest and conviction. They made a complaint to the authorities.

Damn them, I say. May they suffer purgatory in hell when they die.

Source: Chron.

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6 thoughts on “Good News: Crush Video Makers Severely Punished”

  1. I have to wonder how members of PETA are able to cope with the terrible sights and stories they must face on a routine basis in order to bring justice to the victims of vile crimes such as this. After digging around trying to find more information on this case, I wish *I* could wipe everything I read and saw out of my mind completely, and I’m sure I saw only a tiny fraction of what they must have seen. Do members of anti-cruelty organizations eventually become hardened to all of the horrors they must see? I

    Regardless, kudos to everyone — including PETA — who worked to bring these two low-lifes to justice!

    1. Good point Rena. I make a deliberate effort to limit the number of articles about animal abuse and I almost never write about the details of animal abuse because I think it can damage people. I have certain images in my head from one or two videos I watched years ago which I regret now watching. I never watch videos of animal abuse these days and writing about it can have a similar effect. Therefore as you say the people investigating it such as in this case may become psychologically hurt by it. It must depend upon the person as some may become used to it which is also a bad thing I would have thought.

  2. Good to see this outcome.
    However, I wish the sentencing were different. I believe that the actress deserved the 50 years or more for performing the actual acts.

      1. Should she serve her entire sentence (very unlikely), the actual crusher will be free at age 33. Plenty of time left to purse her “hobby”. She should have received the 50 years like the photographer did since she was the actual abuser.

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