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Good News For Cats From Canada — 12 Comments

  1. Well done PoC Micheal and all others supporting the anti declaw movement I love it too that the truth is told here and if anyone doesn’t like it then tough

    • Truth is everything. There is so much fakery and fraud in the world that hurts it. If everything was on the table and truthful it would be a far better world for all. It would take about 100 years to adjust!

  2. Its great news! Doesn’t make any difference because they are have stopped 🙂 but if there is a ban on de-clawing do you think they are doing it because they could say after the ban ‘well of course we didn’t do it anyway even before the ban’
    Sorry its me I’m cynical I am overjoyed they have stopped and I hope many more will follow suit.

    • No, I think the Canadians are genuinely starting to think about declawing and finding it difficult to justify (obviously it is impossible to justify). They are probably thinking that it damages the profession and that it makes commercial sense to stop and find some other revenue stream. Money is the best motivator to stop. What I mean is long-term financial benefits.

    • I think it’s getting to the point where vets can’t deny the cruelty of declawing any more because now it’s out in the open thanks to years of anti declaw advocates spreading the truth, like our very own PoC here.
      In my opinion this web site has done more than any other apart from the Paw Project because of being unafraid to speak out and show graphic pictures and name and shame vets making dollars from declawing.
      Also apparently the Paw Project film is very powerful and people (including vets) seeing it are seeing the long term physical and mental effects and those vets know the days when declawing is almost routine are numbered now!
      There’s still a way to go until declawing is banned worldwide of course, but it all doesn’t seem such a hopeless battle now.

      • I agree Ruth, there is a chink of light in the distance as vets become more educated, really. We agree that some vets are plain ignorant and the remainder are plain greedy! At least some vets are discussing the possibility of stopping and banning it. As I said they are beginning, I hope, to see that in the long term not declawing cats will benefit them financially as taking the high moral ground and setting ethical standards is excellent marketing. People want vets to set high ethical standards as it fosters trust. I hope that vets who stop declawing take business away from vets who declaw.

        • Absolutely I wonder what de-clawing vets local to the one mentioned are thinking? They are probably feeling damned uncertain about their future in the de-clawing market now that the truth is out in their locality it can’t be ignored!! the others will have to follow suit!!

  3. YES this is good news indeed another step towards the day when vets stop axing cats toe ends off for money.
    I hate that some vets have done it for years but I am pleased they have stopped and best of all I love to read about the vets who have never done it.
    What I can’t get my head around is why so few comments on this good news page?

  4. It is very good news that some vets are now admitting declawing causes long term mental and physical problems because soon all vets will have to do the same. So far, too many are still denying there is any proof of this, but they can’t go on denying it because there is proof! They know they are breaking their oath to cause no animal to suffer, but putting off the inevitable, the stopping of declawing, for as long as they can.
    The anti declaw movement has been steadily growing for years now and we can hardly wait for the day we have to fight no longer because then it will be illegal, cruel surgery of the past.

    • I think we agree, Ruth, (and I hope I am not being over optimistic) that there is a slight shift in attitude amongst North American vets towards declawing.

      What a day it would be if the veterinary associations banned it or even if the snowball kept on rolling and grew larger and more vets stopped doing it.

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