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Good Samaritan From Greensboro, NC Rescues Then Adopts Kitten — 3 Comments

  1. Elisa I have read about this happening a good 20 times on life with cat alone. I also know that on Life with Cat they don’t publish half the horror stories they are reported. It’s a very sad state of affaires and if I saw somebody do this I would try my best to get the plate number of the car and nail the person as best I could with the law and if that didn’t work well then….. then I don’t know but that’s hard to just swallow. I’d save the kitten and adopt it too. It’s not even ‘good samaritan’ it’s just normal and decent and what a normal person would do.

    I would really be angry if I saw that happen in front of me. The whole business of caring about animals or paying attention to them in life results in alot of hate and anger towards humans. It’s just part of the deal. Every animal on this planet has a dramatic escape story happening to it’s species and it’s always because of humans. When you love animals you invariably confront humans. I don’t know how to have the stamina and strength not to get angry about it. That’s a very hard call.

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