Good Samaritan From Greensboro, NC Rescues Then Adopts Kitten

There are a lot of mean people in the world these days. Thankfully, there are just as many good people who will go above and beyond to save the life of a fragile kitten.

This is what happened in Greensboro, NC on Wednesday. A man named Thomas Verzeni saw someone brutally throw a kitten out of a moving car, and he stopped to rescue the little kitten. Unfortunately, the kitten lost part of an ear in the accident, but it could have been a lot worse.

Thomas took the kitten to the vet for care, then decided to adopt him. Since the little guy lost part of his ear, Thomas decided to name his new family member Van Gogh. The family has two other cats at home who will hopefully adjust well to their new addition.

Someone who witnessed the incident wanted to report the person responsible to the highway patrol and the police, but was unable to get the tag number on the vehicle.

One would think this kind of behavior would be uncommon. What can of monster would toss a kitten out of an car? While searching for more information on this latest Good Samaritan, I found the United States is full of them. Many people have responded to this incident on Facebook telling of how they stopped to rescue a kitten thrown some a vehicle. Sometimes the person in the car has the decency to at least stop the vehicle before abandoning the kitten.

Most cat lovers would go back and rescue a kitten they believe to be in danger. While Furby wasn’t thrown from a vehicle, his little feline self was crossing the road alone at less than six weeks of age, so I went back and rescued him. I wouldn’t call myself a Good Samaritan, but maybe I was at the time. I just knew I couldn’t leave Furby to fend for himself when he didn’t have enough sense to stay out of the road. I couldn’t keep on driving and always wonder what had happened to him if I didn’t go back.

I know in my area, people used to abandon kittens at trash dumpster sites, like they were so much garbage. We don’t have these unmanned trash sites in my area any more, but it was common a decade ago. And yes, there were people who would take these kittens from the dumpster site and give them a good home.

How many of you have ever played Good Samaritan and taken home a kitten who found itself in a bad situation? What factors played a part in the decision to rescue? In Furby’s case, he was my favorite color and favorite breed and I just felt I was meant to save him.


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3 thoughts on “Good Samaritan From Greensboro, NC Rescues Then Adopts Kitten”

  1. Elisa I have read about this happening a good 20 times on life with cat alone. I also know that on Life with Cat they don’t publish half the horror stories they are reported. It’s a very sad state of affaires and if I saw somebody do this I would try my best to get the plate number of the car and nail the person as best I could with the law and if that didn’t work well then….. then I don’t know but that’s hard to just swallow. I’d save the kitten and adopt it too. It’s not even ‘good samaritan’ it’s just normal and decent and what a normal person would do.

    I would really be angry if I saw that happen in front of me. The whole business of caring about animals or paying attention to them in life results in alot of hate and anger towards humans. It’s just part of the deal. Every animal on this planet has a dramatic escape story happening to it’s species and it’s always because of humans. When you love animals you invariably confront humans. I don’t know how to have the stamina and strength not to get angry about it. That’s a very hard call.


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