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Good Samaritan rescues kittens from dumpster but what sort of person could dump kittens like garbage?

The Southeast Volusia Humane Society has reported on Facebook that three kittens were found in a New Smyrna Beach, Florida dumpster. They were in a plastic bag with garbage. In other words they were treated exactly the same as garbage. A good Samaritan rescued them. They then contacted an emergency foster carer who examined them, clean them up and secured supplies. At this time during the coronavirus pandemic some shelters are closed but foster carers are in action. The kittens have been named Maria, Molly and Monty and they are alive and safe. It’s a happy ending story. Well done to the good Samaritan and the Humane Society.

Three kittens rescued from trash. Photo: Southest Volusia Humane Society.

Kittens thrown out like trash! Three precious newborn fur-babies were found in a NSB dumpster last night. They were in a plastic bag mixed in with garbage. The Good Samaritan who rescued the kittens brought them to us earlier today – Southeast Volusia Humane Society

Mentality of people who treat kittens as trash

I’d like briefly to touch on why people throw away kittens like this. It is not rare. We know this because not infrequently stories like this pop up on the Internet in the news media. Ninety-nine percent of people could never throwaway kittens like this in the certain knowledge that they would die of starvation and perhaps suffocation. They can’t do it because they can feel the pain that the kittens would suffer while dying. They have empathy for the kittens. They can feel what the kittens would feel.

Therefore, the sort of person who can throw away kittens as if they are garbage has a personality disorder. My research indicates that 1% of the population suffer from psychopathy. This is a disorder of the mind which can result in a lack of empathy which results in various forms of antisocial behaviour.

If, in America, 1% of the population suffer from this condition as is reported, there are over 3 million people living in the community with the ability to be cruel to animals. That’s enough people to result in reports about kittens being thrown away in dumpsters such as the one reported by Fox 35. It appears that one in one hundred people that we pass by on the street are able, without any compunction, to treat kittens as garbage if it suits them.

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