Good. Woman drives into tree to avoid cat

I say “good” because I think she made the right decision. Of course I do. In fact she did make the right decision because the only thing that was damaged in this reported accident by the New York Post is the car, although it does look like a very nice car!

Woman avoids cat on road and drives into tree

Woman avoids cat on road and drives into tree. Photo: Ellis Kaplan

The lady, Dilma Pazmino, living in Queens, New York, was pulling out of her driveway in a beautiful white VW Tiguan, an exotic foreign car in America, when a cat scampered across the road in front of her. She instinctively steered to avoid the cat and went careering into a fire hydrant and then a tree. The fire hydrant “steamed” but did not gush.

The lady ran back into her house to avoid a New York Post photographer. Apparently she did suffer a little bit of harm because a witness said that they saw a woman with blood on her forehead (her thumb was scratched). And she was shaken up. She did not have to go to hospital. The cat is fine and it’s the vehicle which needs a bit of repair work which will no doubt upset her husband! Sorry for that because it’s probably slightly sexist.

It all happened at about 8 am in Oakland Gardens. In the picture we see an extraordinarily large number of what appear to be firefighters attending to the vehicle. Perhaps they had nothing to do that morning and wanted to go out for a drive.

Sadly, I have to report, though, that there is a sizeable number of people in America and in other countries who deliberately drive over a cat on the road and I have a page which refers to one particularly disagreeable example. They do this because they hate cats and, yes, there are quite a lot of people who hate domestic and feral cats which is why some of them shoot or trap them illegally and so on and so forth.

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Good. Woman drives into tree to avoid cat — 3 Comments

  1. I hate to read about such cruelty (running over cats on purpose) because seeing it done once was enough to damage me emotionally for life.

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