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Google employees feeding cats blamed for predation on burrowing owls — 6 Comments

  1. I’m going with irish on this one.

    If the ferals/ semis/ferals are being fed ENOUGH and are regularly wormed, they won’t be wasting valuable energy by hunting.

    I think an awful lot of ferals could do with bigger potions of food.

    • Jane, I am sure that you have noticed that your comments are being published immediately without moderation. I hope you like that but as I won’t receive notification that moderation is required and won’t know when you comment and so won’t respond as frequently.

    • If you go with Irish on this one you’d be dead wrong. We bred cats to kill whether they are hungry or not. Test this yourself. Right after feeding your cat dangle a bit of string or other moving cat-toy in front of it. Does it want to attack it or paw at it? Well-fed cats actually kill more animals than hungry ones. They are healthier and have more energy to engage in the activity that we purposely bred them to do.

      • I have allowed your comment because it does not contain insults but any future comment you make will be moderated. Don’t insult people.

  2. Then since they are being fed by the google empolyee’s then they (cats) have no need to go after burrowing owls,IMO those opposing the feeding of the cats are lying,well fed cats be them feral or tamed dont kill owls.

    • Well, I am not sure you right Irish. But I have doubts that it is the Google cats who are killing the owls. It needs to be proved.

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