Gorgeous Little Grey Blind Cat At Animal Shelter Adopts His Human Companions

Elliott and Nathanial Green went into Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia, America to adopt a Siamese cat. They thought they were out of luck as the Siamese cats had been adopted or were reserved (were there more than one Siamese cat?). As it happens, they were in luck because it opened the door to the adoption of a blind kitty called Merlin who was living in the medical wing of the shelter.

Blind kitty Merlin
Blind kitty Merlin. Photo: Elliot Green.
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When Elliott and Nathaniel went into the wing to see Merlin, this cute, little, blind kitty immediately came towards them, sniffed and curled up on Elliott’s arm. He basically adopted them in making the first move in coming forward and finding his way towards them. Of course, there was only one outcome.

“When Merlin cuddled up against me, it was obvious right away that he was the perfect one,” Elliott said.

Merlin obviously wanted to be adopted and to be with people. He was born blind but his eyes are quite beautiful in a way. He is very small with long hair. He actually looks like a small Persian cat of the traditional kind.

He’s got used to his new home and mapped it all out. He tended to put his paw out to check what was in front of him and then once he’d got used to the layout he remembered it. He likes food and a cuddle and is clearly very much loved.

Merlin. Photo: Elliot Green

Source: Love Meow via Metro.co.uk.

Blind Cat Considerations

The best advice on keeping a blind cat comes from Sarah Hartwell on her website messybeast.com. She says that blind cats can be easily disoriented and should not, therefore, be allowed to roam outside. They should be indoors only or with access to a fenced outdoor enclosure. If the enclosure is not completely secure the blind cat should be on a lead and accompanied by the owner.

Blind cats rely on whiskers, scent, sound and memory find their way around. Furniture should be kept in the same place and obstacles should not be left lying around in unexpected places. Table legs and chair legs can be padded because some blind cats are better than others at getting around and avoiding objects.

Whiskers help to guide blind cats as they enable them to judge an object’s proximity to their face. Sarah says that whiskers get more wear and tear than for a normal colon can be broken and even worn down.

Sound plays an important role for blind cats. Toys that produce sound are very useful. Scrunched up paper balls are good. Some blind cats are so adept at compensating that they can catch flies and run around the house at speed all based upon memory, sound and smells. They might be able to pounce on other cats by listing to their footprints. Whiskers can detect changes in air pressure which also helps them to locate objects. Sarah says that some blind cats touch the ground with their tail to pick up vibrations thereby using it as another sense organ.

When picking up a blind cat they should be put down in a place that they know well so that they can reorientate themselves and get their bearings. Their litter tray should not be moved and the same goes for their feeding area. They should not be lifted onto raised areas because they might fall off unless it’s a well-known area such as his or her favourite bed.

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2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Little Grey Blind Cat At Animal Shelter Adopts His Human Companions”

  1. I had a deaf cat, which was something, and now one who can’t see very well so he pretty much gloms onto me all the time. Caring for a blind cat would be a HUGE undertaking, which I’ve thought about doing for a long time.
    I don’t know about the tail… I do know that all cats feel vibrations through their foot pads very well.


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