Gorgeous Purebred Kitten Terrified By Adult

This is an intriguing video from China, possibly Shanghai. It is on the Facebook page of Shanghaiist. Everyone will have their own interpretation of the video. The kitten is frightened of a large adult cat who is out of frame. The adult cat is not doing anything in particular. Perhaps he/she was poking at the kitten. Whatever the adult cat was doing it was causing anxiety and fear in the gorgeous toddler of a cat.

The kitten looks like a silver tabby British Shorthair; no doubt a precious purebred. Perhaps this was filmed by the breeder. I don’t like it. I don’t like to see any animal in a fearful state for whatever reason even one which is entirely innocent. The kitten looks beautiful and terribly cute which contrasts starkly with her/his fearful expression. I think she hisses. The human laughter in the background (which appears to have been added) is ghastly. Typical humans.

One person made this comment:

Jan Dedick: I’m sorry I don’t think this is funny at all 😑it was cruel and mean, the little cat was terrified and they were laughing.Fuck you who ever did this…

This comment had 67 replies and they agree with her. Great.

This is a link to the Facebook page referred to.

2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Purebred Kitten Terrified By Adult”

  1. It reminds me of human children when they get frightened. People think that’s funny too. I’m against any kind of suffering but frightening kittens does set me off. What’s wrong with people? It does look remarkably human childlike, but grrr makes me mad that anyone thinks it’s funny.


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