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Gorgeous watercolour and ink paintings dedicated to the domestic cat by Endre Penovac

Endre Penovac is a Serbian artist who dedicates his gorgeous watercolour and ink paintings to the much loved, humble cat. The black cat in the paintings is Boszi (meaning ‘witch’ in English). Some of the images below can be seen larger if you click on them. Use the back button to return here. The images are published here with Endre’s kind permission.

Endre’s classic black cat watercolour with the bleeding paint looking like fur

I like cats in paintings. There are many pages on PoC of cats in paintings. They are mainly dated from 100 or more years ago. Endre’s are modern. What I particularly like about his cat watercolors is the way the diluted pigment blends and spreads within the canvas creating an impression of fur, and in the tail, almost an impression of a defensive/aggressive cat. In diluting the paints the outcome is more unpredictable but Endre likes that uncertainty. It is like a live show rather than a recording. It adds something.

His paintings are certainly a departure from the usual internet cat images – funny cat images usually.

Endre says that he creates his paintings with a mixture of planning and chance. “Unexpected happenings” are an important part of the creative process. Painting in watercolours is like our world he remarks. There is the predictable, the plannable and the unpredictable and unexpected happenings make the finished work complete.

Endre remarks that preplanned things, accomplished through sweat are less satisfying that the unexpected when it really works. The chance element adds a bit of magic.

He says:

“I apply watercolor technique in a way that allows paint and water to create a miracle on the paper.”

Endre has worked in watercolours for decades. He says he loves its ‘momentum’ and the challenges it brings to the artist.

Endre also says that water-colour painting is unique and unrepeatable. He likes that fact that corrections cannot be made by adding layer upon layer as you would when working in oils.

“If the painter, the water, the paper and the pigments create harmony, meaning they “understand” each other, then a great painting is born: the painter is able to express his thought, the pigments submerge in the water and together they embrace the welcoming paper.”

Endre’s classic black cat watercolour with the bleeding paint looking like fur

Here are two links to more of Endre’s art:

  1. His website
  2. His Facebook page
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  • These paintings are really beautiful.

    I love how they capture the fluffiness of fur, in a way that I've not seen before. I can almost feel the softness of the fur.

    I wonder how expensive these paintings are, or if prints are available. At least I know what to ask Santa to bring me this year ;)

  • Really unique and beautiful! I'm posting this on Facebook so more people can see and appreciate.

  • These are absolutely beautiful.

    Anyone see this weird Japanese video game I got on sale for 80 cents on Playstation Network, Tokyo Jungle? It's two years after mankind has perished and the animals take over. You play the different types of animals. You hide, hunt, kill, eat, defend yourself, mark your territory and breed. It has mammals and non-mammals. You start with a Pomeranian. It is very unusual because it allows you to become a virtual animal. Unfortunately, you can't choose cats right off the bat and you do have to evade or kill (and eat if your Pomeranian needs food) a cat. Any thoughts on the app? I would of never bought it if it wasn't 80 cents. I can play a deer as well. No killing with that one.

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