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Gothic rescue of drenched kitten stuck in a tree troubles me

The music has a Gothic flavour and it looks somehow artificial. It looks staged to me but how can I say that? I don’t know. The video moves very slowly. It’s as if every moment has been teased out for maximum effect. Perhaps this is why I think it’s staged although it makes for a good video but then again I think the purpose of this YouTube channel and this video is to make money. Maybe it’s just me being too sceptical and too untrusting.

Drenched kitten rescued from tree and saved and then drenched again! Screenshot.

The video is successful though in obtaining about 13.6 million views so it works very well but I have my doubts about it. I also have my doubts about how they rescued the kitten. The bath that they gave the kitten looks a bit strange because I think they could have dried the kitten first then fed her and finally perhaps the next day bathed her. In that order. But take a freezing cold kitten who as you can see is shivering in the video and subject them to a very long bath immediately on getting them back to the home seems to me to be in the wrong order. A good drying and a good meal first may have been better but I don’t want to be overly critical. Was this bathe done for effect again? Bathing cats always produces interesting visuals as you can see from the screenshot from the video below.

Drenched kitten rescued from tree and saved is washed and drenched again. Screenshot.

I don’t know where the film was made. I can’t find out although the information might be there somewhere. It looks like Eastern Europe to me. The episode when the guy climbs the tree silhouetted against the grey miserable sky is sombre. We never see his face. He’s a mystery man. As I say, it’s gothic. It might have been better if he’d put the cat in the basket as he came down the ladder. It looks a little bit distressing to carry a cat by the scruff of the neck that slowly down a ladder but once again I cannot be overly critical.

This is a well conceived bit if movie making not a spontaneous cat rescue. There was probably a storyboard and days of planning!

That Gothic moment. Screenshot.

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