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Government Plans to Seize All Tigers From Thailand’s Cruel Tiger Temple — 4 Comments

  1. FINALLY!!! I was there 8 years ago and saw the exploitation of the tiger cubs… the poor things were chained to trees and people were allowed to have their picture taken with the one that was asleep. One of the cubs was very grouchy and you were not allowed to get near it- I can well imagine WHY is was grumpy. Separated from its mother, tied to a tree all day, mauled and stared at and chattered at by a bunch of humans.

    That place was dangerous to tourists, they had other ‘sanctuary’ animals roaming freely, one was a HUGE wild boar. Having read about their temperaments I was more nervous about him eyeing me than any of the poor tigers cubs.

    From the pictures you shared, you can see the neck of the tiger where it has worn that collar – I’ll bet its worn it for it’s whole life.

    I’m glad they are being confiscated – you would certainly NEVER see them allowing this done to a baby elephant – they are SACRED.

    • I knew about the temple and didn’t like what I saw. But I didn’t realise it was a bad as this. It should never had opened in the first place. It is just another example of rampant, callous exploitation. It’s no wonder the tiger is almost extinct in the wild.

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