Grandpa Joe: From street cat to couch potato in three days

Helen Andrews is a feral cat rescuer in Brooklyn, New York. She recently came across a street cat at the Clinton Hill feral colony who quickly made his wishes known that he didn’t want to live outside anymore.

Grandpa Joe with Helen (Instagram)
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It took Grandpa Joe all of three days to go from street cat to couch potato.

Grandpa Joe looked to be an older cat who had joined the colony. In the beginning, he would run away when he was approached. When Helen trapped Grandpa Joe she realized he wasn’t behaving like the typical feral. He also wasn’t a senior cat. The veterinarian who examined him says he’s only around four years old.

In an interview with LoveMeow Helen said Grandpa Joe was very vocal in the trap both before and after his neutering at the ASPCA. Feral cats are usually quiet unless they’re a nursing female cat.

“He pretty much came straight up to me for pets. I knew he didn’t belong living outside so I put some food in the trap and he walked straight back in.”

When Helen spent some time with him in a quiet room Grandpa Joe purred nonstop. She believes he’s not used to living outside and hadn’t been grooming himself well. He currently weighs in at ten pounds but may put on more weight on a good diet.

After having Grandpa Joe neutered, microchipped and had some tests run (he was FIV/FeLV negative), he went into foster care. He’s learning to come out and be sociable and loves being a lap kitty.

Helen hopes she can find a forever home by the holidays for this handsome boy.

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4 thoughts on “Grandpa Joe: From street cat to couch potato in three days”

  1. Wonderful!

    Street living can turn the youngest cat’s appearance to that of an elderly cat in such a short time. No place safe to rest up and groom ages their appearance and can leave them feeling despondant, hopeless.

    Joe is super, he knows who saved him, who will reassure him, who is there for him now, he knows which side his bread is buttered.

  2. This is so beautiful!! He is doing so many pin cushions!! What a beauty! I’m so glad he has a loving forever home now. He is so obviously in need of it!

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