Grants for companion animals in need of life-saving veterinary care in San Diego County

In case people don’t know it, there is a nonprofit organisation in San Diego County whose mission is to provide financial grants to people who need the services of a veterinarian to treat their companion animal suffering from an immediately life-threatening condition and who don’t have sufficient funds to cover the costs.

The organisation is called the FACE Foundation. They rely on donations and they work in collaboration with many veterinary hospitals and medical providers throughout the county. They have 176 veterinary hospital partners, have granted US$5.3 million in funds and saved 2,808 lives according to their website.

Grants for pets in need fo life-saving treatment in San Diego County
Grants for pets in need of life-saving treatment in San Diego County. Clipart in public domain.
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The foundation’s ethos is to provide financial support to people on limited budgets who need to save the lives of their companion animals in emergencies but have insufficient funds to do so. These include low-income families, military families, veterans, senior citizens, students, disabled individuals and homeless people.

The sort of people they want to help are those who have come to the end of the road in their desire to save the life of their companion animal. The animal needs to have been seen by a veterinarian and diagnosed with a life-threatening condition but with a good prognosis provided the right treatment can be administered. The grants only apply to residents of San Diego County.

Grants cannot be given for conditions requiring ongoing treatment, diagnostic tests, those with poor prognoses and routine nonemergency care.

I would advise people to read their terms and conditions which are quite comprehensive to see whether you can apply. I just think it’s a very good organisation from which residents in this county can benefit.

The video below is a step by step guide of FACE’s application process. You can visit their website at to apply and to learn more.

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