Great picture: town shut down for 4 hours while firefighters fail to rescue cat from chimney

“We were unable to rescue the cat, it was hoped that it may come out on its own.” – Firefighter spokesperson

Firemen try and rescue cat from chimney and close town for 4 hours
Firemen try and rescue cat from chimney using heavy extending ladder and close town for 4 hours. Photo: Jasperimage.
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Firefighters used their full equipment to try and rescue a cat from a chimney in Dufftown which is about 90 miles from Aberdeen in Scotland.

The picture shows the firefighter’s heavy, motorised ladder at full extension hovering over the building. The equipment came from Aberdeen.

They failed to get the cat! The cat is still in the chimney, sadly.

It is unique to use a extended motorised fire ladder like this and to close the town down as a consequence while trying to rescue a cat from a high place. Great effort and committment. Some fire departments have stopped trying to rescuec cats as a matter of policy.

It seems that the cat is inside the chimney and became frightened when the huge piece of equipment arrived.

Source: Aberdeen Journals Limited – The Press and Journal.

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