Great Thunberg passionately lectures world leaders on climate change but they won’t listen

This passionate and at times emotional speech by Greta Thunberg is amazing. She is lecturing the world’s leaders. She is actually telling them what to do and trying to make them listen and she is spot on accurate in her assessment.

Greta Thunberg lectures world leaders
Greta Thunberg lectures world leaders
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But they won’t listen. They just won’t for two reasons. The first reason is that the world’s leaders are preoccupied with that holy grail of human short-termism: indefinite and perpetual economic growth which is simply impossible and which is destroying the planet which supports us.

Secondly, they hate to be lectured by a child. They are far too arrogant to listen to a child even when she is absolutely correct. That’s the state of the world. The arrgance and ignorance of world leaders is breathtaking. They are too wrapped in their mad power struggles to care about nature and the planet. And when will they think about controlling human population growth? Mankind’s greatest communal disease.

Look at China and India. They still burn coal in vast quantities to create energy. This causes global warming. In a way you can’t blame them because the West did it years ago and still does it. America under Trump’s leadership has given up on climate change and is fracking the landscape to pieces to increase oil and gas production. This is only possibly because of the relatively low population density in America. But that is changing rapidly. When America has a human population density like China and India the then president will have a different point of view. But will it be too late?

What has this got to do with cats you are asking. Well it is all about cats – indirectly. More people and more economic growth means less habitat for the wild cats and it means more domestic cats which leads to more complications about how to care for cats. It also means more feral cats and that is a perennial problem.’s about survival. If climate change is real, and I believe that it is, there won’t be any people and therefore there won’t be any domestic cats in the long term future.

Science supports the conclusion that human-made climate change is happening. World leaders can’t get their act together. They pull in different directions and are driven by money.

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